Episode 01: Calamity TriggerEdit

"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Episode 1
Cid Yakuza (Episode 1)
Episode Number 1
Episode Length ???
Opening Theme Stairs of Time - Tomoyo Mitani
Ending Theme To Beyond an Era - LieN
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
Episode Name Calamity Trigger
Air Date Dec. 17 2011
Series Evolved Genesis Marker
Previous Episode None
Next Episode The Rising Archangel

Chapter 1: Beginning the CalamityEdit

In the year 2020, five years after The Angels brought destruction to the world and mankind, they desented to ground to please themselves with the world now in chaos. The remaining bits of humanity retreated to remaining Geo-Fronts. A group of people that remained in NERV HQ called the Triedge Brigate found something at the bottom of Termina Dogma, a series of evolved and modified Evangelions, capible of tracking the remaining Angels, and able to last longer with out a umbilical cable, called the Marker Series.

"We need to hide, now." Two people hide behind a piece of a building, trying not to let something see them. The two run towards a hole, planning to jump.

"I hope this doesn't kill us." The two jump down with bags, landing on a elevator floor. The two break the door open and run through a hallway.

"Hey, where we going?" The person carrying the bags stopped, and look at the other.

"I mean, this isn't the place we need to go." The person gives the bags to the other, heading towards one of the walls.

"Termina Dogma." The other person is shocked to hear this. He picks up one of the bags and takes out a pistol.

"I'm not going back to NERV HQ, Reaper." His aims at his parner's head, hesitating pulling the trigger. Reaper turns around with his hands in the air.

"Not NERV HQ, but the Triedge Brigate, Searbeen." The other drops the gun, drops down on his knees and cries. Reaper turns back around and opens a hidden wall. Searbeen picks up the gun, puts it back and carrys some of the bag.

"We need to hurry, I heard that Triedge Brigate is going to do something in two hours." Searbeen runs to the hidden door, Reaper closing it.

"When we're there, we never go back. Are you up for this?" Searbeen looks at Reaper and says yes, the two seeing another elevator. It's door open, revealing a 15 year old.

"Who the hell are you?" Asked Reaper to the teenager. The teen show a Triedge ID to them, convincing them to entering with him. The teen grabs some of the bag they brought.

"So, what's your name?" Asked Searbeen. The teen remains queit, starting to cry. Searbeen leaves him alone. The elevator stops, opening to reveal three giant-like human beings, shocking Reaper and Searbeen, while the teen looks at the thrid one and stops crying. The elevator stops, revealing a person waiting for them. Searbeen and Reaper give the bags to him and walk out of the elevator, the teenage boy staying inside.

"I'm going to my room now, Dan." The elevator closes, the two turning around to the person.

"Dan, is it? I got a question for you." Searbeen grabs Dan's neck, attempting to choke him to death. Reaper tries to make Searbeen let go of Dan's neck.

"Why are there Eva Unit here!? Their suppose to be destroyed!" Dan knees Searbeen, him letting go of his neck. Reaper grabs Searbeen while he falls. Dan goes through the bags, finding the gun. He puts it in his pocket and puts the bags on the floor, looking at the two. Searbeen regains his footing, Reaper helping him up.

"Those are not Evangelions, but evolved versions of them." The two question this, but Dan walks away.

"Use the elevator to get to your rooms down at F16. Bye." The elevator door opens again, the two going inside. Searbeen lays down on the floor, taking out a knife. Reaper looks at the doors, thinking about the boy and the time with him.

Suddenly, the elevator's lights turn from white to dark red, the two wondering what's going on. Searbeen gets up and puts the knife away. They hear people talking, one of them crying.

"I know it's tough Cid, but don't worry. You have us." The two stop hearing the woman and the crying, the elevator stops on F16 and the two get off. They look up, seeing a hexagon of energy, like if it was a shield from the outside world, Reaper walks around, Searbeen following. Reaper stands still, turning around and looks at Searbeen. Reaper takes out a neckle and holds it in his hand.

"This might be the last time we see each other, so I'll tell you my real name. Cerberus Grace." Searbeen smiles.

"I'll allways call you Reaper."

Suddenly, the hexagon explodes, a sillulite appears where the shield use to be. The two run for cover while the sillulite is revealed to be an angel.

"Cid Yazusa to Docking Bay 16. Transfering Mrk-03 and Entry Plug to Docking Bay 16." The teenage boy from earlier runs to the elevator, entering as the elevator closes. Cid gets to the docking bay and runs to the third unit, climbing it until reaching the back.

"Get the plug here! Cid see's the Entry Plug coming. Cid jumps on it and gets inside of the plug.

"Mrk Unit 03. Triedge System: 93% running. Main Systems: 100% running. Ready to release. Launching the Mrk-03." The unit turns on and starts walking.

"You're doing fine, Cid. Just concentrate on walking for a while." Says one of the engineers. The unit becomes connected to one of the elevators, the engineers fixing it to the elevator, Cid reluctently waiting.

"Come on, we need this up there, now!" The engineers finish the fixing and call Cid.

"Mrk-03 is ready to fly. Launching the Mrk Unit 03!" The elevator suddenly goes up at high speed, Cid igouring this.

"Let's begin this!" The elevator stops, launching the unit through a hole. The unit grabs the ledge, cilmbing it and see's the angel. Searbeen and Reaper watch this, amazed at the site of the unit.

"So, that's the form of a evolved Evangelion." Searbeen says, Reaper igouring what he said. A metal box appears, the unit crouching next to it.

"We sent the Sub Machine Guns and the Pulse-Beam Rifle to you, so you can have a change at destroying the angel." Cid smiles while opening the box and takes out the weapons. The unit puts them in the sides and the rifle in the back.

Chapter 2: The Coming of the Markers (Part 1)Edit

The unit rush's in, taking out the SMGs the firing at the angel, the angel unharmed by this. The unit drops the guns and takes out the Progressive Knife, rapidly stabing the angel in the face. the angel grabs Mrk-03 and attempts to crush it, Cid feeling the pain inflicted to Mrk-03. The angel pushs the unit back, the knife still in the angel's head. The unit rushs in again, but the angel grabs the arms and head.

"What the hell!?" The angel breaks the right arm, massively hurting Cid. The angel starts punching the head, Cid still in pain. The angel punchs through the head, throwing the unit through the air, landing on deserted buildings.

"No....I will not let you destroy my world, activate it." Cid press's his hand on his chest, the unit doind the same.

"Triedge.....Mode." The city and it's survivers watch as a slanted A appear around the unit. Reaper and Searbeen watch from the distance, amazed and confused. The unit rises as the arm heals, the angel rushing to Mrk-03. The unit punchs the angel to the ground, grabing the knife.

"Where the core?" Cid begins to see the red orb and rapidly stabs it, it breaking in half. The body explodes, it's blood raining down afterwards and a cross of energy rises where the angel and Mrk-03 standed. The unit comes out with less than the slanted A burned into the unit's chest armor. It jumps down into the hole, landing on the elevator. The unit get's back to Docking Bay 16 where the engineers and Dan wait for it to come to them. The unit is locked back into where it was before and Cid climbs out of the plug. Cid drops down on the ground where the engineers and Dan walk to him. Cid get's up, ignouing the pain in his legs. Cid walks to the elevator, entering while it was closing. Dan and the group walked to the unit to repair any damage, while Dan looks at the rest. Cid punchs the wall, crying.

"Why? Why must I do this?" He falls to his knees, still crying.

Episode 02: The Rising ArchangelEdit

"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Episode 2
Kate Saya (Episode 2)
Episode Number 2
Episode Length ???
Opening Theme Stairs of Time - Tomoyo Mitani
Ending Theme To Beyond an Era - LieN
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
Episode Name The Rising Archangel
Air Date Apr. 18 2012
Series Evolved Genesis Marker
Previous Episode Calamity Trigger
Next Episode The Saving Grace

Chapter 3: The Coming of The Markers (Part 2)Edit

Cid starts to remember why and when he started to pilot the unit. He wakes from a bed in a non-destroyed building, and resting in the bed with no worry.

"That was me when Third Inpact didn't happen, when the world was recovering from Second Inpact. I thank god I was born afterwards." Cid started to see flames and destruction near him. He opens his eyes and ends up on a battlefield, shooting at angels destroying the building. The angel see's him and goes towards him. Cid runs away, trying to get away from it. He suddenly falls through a hole, grabing on to the ledge.The angel continues to destroy the people in the city. He starts to feel a floor below him, letting go of the ledge and hurts his legs in the process. He limps to the bottom of the hole when he's surprised by people ahead of him. He see's a Army officer with them, running to him, but the hole starts to collapse on itself.

"Come on, hurry!" Cid get's to him, asking why everyone is going in this route.

"Because of the Geo-Front below." He grabs Cid's hand and runs with the crowd. The hole collapses, but everyone made it to the front. Cid makes the person let go of his hand. The person grabs Cid again.

"What are you doing, kid!?" Cid and the person start to hear someone yelling.

"Private Daniel Sven Noah, report at once." The person let's go of Cid, walking to other people from the Army.

Suddenly, the angel starts to get through the collasped hole, shocking everyone, but a beam-like thing hits the angel. The people look at where the beam came from, and saw a Eva-like machine. The Army people smile at the Eva, and starts calling it.

"Who's in there?"

"Seagenet McGriff, sir." The people start to get near the Eva Unit, seeing it's number is 08. Eva-08 fires again, but it's right arm is cut off. Everyone runs away to the elevators. Cid follows the Army group and hides in one of the boxs there bringing with them. The army see a series of Eva-like machine below them encased in a glass box labled 'CcMm'. Cid watchs through a hole in the box, amazed by the site of the god-likeness and look of the Eva. Dan see's Cid, looking into the hole, surprising Cid.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dan see's that Cid's body is damaged and badly hurt. He gives the kid a second chance and keeps him hidden. The angel starts going through the wall to the Eva units, blowing everything up near it. The Army are baffled by this, trying to get all the items to the drop-off point. One of Eva's starts walking around, breaking out of the glass box. It kicks the angel and jumps on the box. It jumps on the bridge the Army was walking on, the cargo falling over to the side. Cid falls out of the box he was in, the Eva looking at Cid. CId tries to run away, but falls over, going into great pain. The plug comes out from it's back, opening for Cid. Dan tries to grab CId, but the Eva blocks him off. Cid gets up and slowly walks to the back. Cid climbs on the plug and gets in, holding to him arm.

"What is this?" The plug closes, pulling back into the main body. The Eva jumps backwards, spinning through the hole and hitting the angel in the head. The Eva takes out the Knife and stabs the angel. Cid see's a red orb on the right shoulder of the angel.

"Mrk Unit 03 transferring control to pilot." The controls slides out of the seat, Cid grabbing the controls. The unit falls out, the knife stabbing the red orb. The angel starts to die, exploding with blood and beams of light. The unit gets up, putting away the knife and turns itself off. Cid holds up his hands, seeing many people dying because of the thing he had just killed. The Army shoot at the unit, Dan trying to stop them. The people shooting push Dan aside while still aiming and firing at the unit. The unit's eyes start to turn up again, looking at the soldiers.

"No, their human!" Cid tries to take control, but the controls go back into the seat. The unit almost crush them, like it wanted to just make them faint, and it seceeded. The plug comes out and the other units come near. Cid opens his eyes and sees that he slept in the elevator, getting up with the help of the walls. His legs are still in pain, blood coming from them. The elevator stops, revealing that the area he came from was destroyed by the angel. Cid falls down to his knees and yells. Cid gets up, crying by the blood and bodies surrounding him. Cid goes to the one remaining stairs and goes to his room, undamaged and untouched. He grabs his right arm and press's a button on it, the plug suit sepperating from his skin. He grabs a piece in the back and pulls down on it, the suit sliting in half. Amber-colored fludes drip from the suit and his body, him getting on the bed. He covers himself and closes his eyes. Dan looks at him from the DB16 and comments on him while talking to someone.

"He's a useful person, able to connect to the only operating unit; Mrk-03." The person in the shadows says.

"But he's just a kid, a preteen, and he's fighting in a war machine. Do you really think he wants to do this?" Dan dosn't hear an answer.

"Yes." The man says.

Chapter 4: Mrk-03's Journey To EvolutionEdit

Cid suddenly awakes with a person in his room. Cid gets up, trying to see the person's face. The person turned around, smiling at him.

"Who are you?" The person was a girl, doing something in front of her.

"Kate Saya, and you are?" Cid dosn't replie.

Instead, he walks out of his room, seeing that the place, Terminal Dogma, was completely repaired. He walks down the the stairs and gets into the elevator, going to DB16. The elevator stops, the doors revealing Dan with his hands in his pockets. Dan walks in with Cid, him lending on the wall.

"Who's the girl in my room?" Dan looks back at Cid, giving him a black binded book.

"A surviver of this attack. She was in Hybrid Dogma when the attack happened." Cid shocked.

"But that place was completely destroyed by the angel."

"Not completely destroyed." The elevator stops on the F1, Dan walking off.

"And she'll be living with you. You need some connection to humanity, the thing you care for so much." The elevator doors close, Cid seeing a knife with writing on it on the ground. Cid picks it up, but it cuts Cid's hand. Cid drops the knife, crushing it into pieces. The elevator stops and it's doors open to a hallway with blood across the walls. Cid ignores this and simply walks to a couple of stairs, looking up to see more blood slattered on the ceiling. He walks up them, picking up a phone like object on the 2nd to last step. He turns it on, going through it. He enters a number and the phone starts ringing. He contines walking up the stairs until he gets to the 2nd to last step.

"So, you found it, huh?" Dan's voice comes from the phone, Cid putting it on the left side of his head.

"So, how many minites until the city wide AT-Field is up?" Dan chuckles on the phone.

"It's done, look up." Cid does what Dan told him and he sees the Field starting to cover the entire remains of the city. He finishs walking up the stairs, Dan still talking to him.

"A dream we been trying to acomplish for 5 years is now done, the geo-front can now fully operate as an HQ." Dan hangs up while Cid looks up, amazed at the clear skies and clouds. He sees an elevator on the surface, it's doors opening to reveal the girl from earlier. The girl runs to him, grabing his shoulder and landing on him. Cid feels pain after landing on the pavement, but sees her cry on him.

"She's only known me for a minite and she's hugging me?" Cid tries to make her let go of him, seceeding. The elevator doors open and Dan walks out.

"Cid, hey. I see you met Kate." Cid attempts to walk away, but Dan grabs his arm. Cid makes him let go of his arm and walks to the stairs, Kate following.

"What's wrong with you?" She sees his hand wound and the blood pouring out. Kate grabs the hand and looks at Cid.

"Why did you do this to yourself?" Cid stops at the bottom and makes Kate let go of his hand, walking to the second stairs. Cid runs to elevator, enters and attempts to close it's doors. but hates to see her cry, so he lets her into the elevator, it's doors closing when she gets in. Dan calls a person when Cid and Kate are unable to hear him.

"Is stage 2 ready?" The person on the other side laughs.

"It will be beginning in the next day, Daniel." The person hangs up on Dan after he says that.

"Not a person that likes to be reveal everything." Dan walks to the elevator doors, enters and press's the white button. The lights go sliver, blinding Dan for some time until he got used to it.

"Damn that man, I'll begin stage 2 now." The doors open, revealing a crimson cross in the center of the room. Dan finds a box, crushing it, then the alarm sounds.

"AT-Field detected at Cestral Dogma, angel has appeared in Cestral Dogma."

"This should distract them for now." Dan walks away to the elevator and closes it, setting a bomb inside. He reachs DB16 where Mrk-03 has become active. Dan smiles and quietly laughs.

"Dan, you coming to see the fun?" Dan shakes his head, Mrk-03 walking to the elevator Dan left.

"Ok. Launching Mrk-03!"

Suddenly, the elevator whent down at high speed, stopping on Cestral Dogma. Finally there, the unit takes out the knife and walks around. Cid contacts someone for informantion.

"When will the tracking system starts working?" Cid hears nothing, cutting off the person he called.

Suddenly, the elevator explodes, leaving the unit trapped in Cestral Dogma. Dan walks to the center and knocks everyone out with a smoke gernade. He attempts to pull the self destruct, when suddenly, a person shoots him in the back and arm. Dan falls down, unable to get up. The person walks away, knocking out Dan and killing one of the knocked out people and putting a pistol in the corpse's hand and throwing a pistol on Dan's side. The person enters a number and calls someone.

"He atemptted to start the 2nd stage early, but I managed to stop him." The person on the other side chuckles.

"Good, I'll see that he'll be abandoned when stage 8 comes into play." The person hangs up and walks off, the unit managing to escape from Cestral Dogma and getting back to DB16, locking 03 in to the wall locks. The personnel suddenly run to the center that the middle of the docking bay. Cid jumps down from the back of the unit, running with the personnel, wanting to find out whats going on. He sees that a rouge technican knocked everyone in the room, and shot Dan.

Episode 03: The Saving GraceEdit

"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Episode 3
Cid Yakuza (Episode 3)
Episode Number 3
Episode Length ???
Opening Theme Stairs of Time - Tomoyo Mitani
Ending Theme To Beyond an Era - LieN
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
Episode Name The Saving Grace
Air Date May 5 2012
Series Evolved Genesis Marker
Previous Episode The Rising Archangel
Next Episode The Evolving Machine

Chapter 5: False JusticeEdit

Cid looks over the scene in the main room, with Dan being taken to the medical ward, and the engineer's corpse is being sent to the morge.

"I don't believe this. Why would an engineer, no, a human being try to kill another human?" Cid said with one of the others walking to him.

"What did you think the machine guns were originally for?" The engineer cause Cid to remember something.

"Look child, your mother is..." Cid snaps out of it, as one from the Cestral Unit tells Cid to exit the Main Room. He complies and walks away. He goes back to his apartment floor, only to find it covered in type saying, "Apartment Complex Floor 16 has been moved to remodeled Apartment Complex `Far's Reach`. Sorry for any inconvenience." Cid sees Kate walking out on his room, with two boxes on her.

"Hey. Why're you over there?" Cid asks from the beginning floor of the apartment complex.

"Getting your stuff. I should thank you for not having a lot of thing in there, but that would be insulting you." She smiles at Cid, he ignoring it for the meantime.

"Hey, we need to head to the apartment complex. I'll see you there if you want to stay to take one last look that this place." She walks to the elevator, it's doors closing as she looks down into the boxes she's carrying.

"*Sighs* I really don't care either way..." Cid walks to the other elevator, leaning against the walls as it's doors close. Cid's mind wanders from the real world and starts hearing things.

"Kid, you need to listen to u-"

"Get off me! Die!" The voices disappear as he reaches the surface. Cid closes his eyes, thinking deeply about that time when Mrk 03 was walking by itself. He starts to hear a ringing sound from afar. He walks to it, seeing a phone droped on the ground. He picks it up, looking through it's content. He see a number labeled "SERA LAUNCH".

"The hell? What the hell does Sera Launch mean?" He's interrupted by a explosion from afar.

"Shit! What is it now?!" He runs to the source of the explosion, seeing an angel trying to enter the city limits. He takes out the phone and enters a number quickly.

"Engineering, there's an angel outside the AT-Field!"

"What!? Ok. We're sending Mrk 03. Wait at the third elevator for it." Cid hangs up and runs to the third elevator, Mrk 03 launching out the hole. He clines up Mrk 03 and reachs the plug. He jumps aboard it, the plug closing and going inside Mrk 03.

"Cid, we're going to need that thing killed before it enters. Activate Triedge and go through the AT-Field."

"What? When did you-"

"While we were activating the AT-Field. Now, teach this angel to never mess with Humanity."

"You don't need to tell me." Cid places his hand on his chest, the unit doing the same.

"Triedge Mode." The slanted A appears around the unit, the scaring glowing crimson. The unit jumps out of the AT-Field, landing on the Angel. The Angel shoots beams from it's eyes and hits the head of Mrk 03.

"Crap!" Cid grabs his head as the angel gets up, stabing the unit in the chest. Cid violently coughs out blood from his mouth.

"Di-" The angel grabs the head of Mrk 03, and hits it with the other arm. Triedge Mode ends as the angel throws the unit to a nearby mountain. The angel shoots beams at the AT-Field, no affect happening. Cid opens his eyes as a small stream of blood in coming out his forehead. The unit gets up and rushs to the angel. Mrk 03 jumps up in the sky and crashs into the angel. 03 pulls out the knife, but the core is nowhere to be found.

"What the?!" The angel rises from the ground, sepperating into two. 03 holds on to both as they fly over the quickly reconstructed ruins. Kate watchs from afar. She's shocked over this as 03 slips and falls down to the top of the AT-Field. She runs to the fallen Mrk unit's location. The unit gets up as the angel finally enters the city.

"No. I thought..." The angel rams Mrk 03 and and pierces it's head.

"AHHHH!!!" The angel tosses Mrk 03 aside to a bunch of now destroyed building. Kate runs to the unit as it tries to get up. Kate stops to see the unit's head wound. Cid closes his eyes and thinks to himself.

"Damn it! Everyone's going to die because of me! Fuck!" Mrk 03 fails as it drop to the ground again.

Suddenly, another Mrk Unit is launched into the air.

"Huh?" The new Mrk unit drops on the angel, smashing it to the ground. It backflips and pulls out a knife. It stabs the angel in the back, piercing the core. The angel explodes into a fiery mess. The new Mrk Unit comes out. It's red armor shines as it walks toward Mrk 03 and picks it up.

"Are you Ok, Mrk 03?" The pilot calls Cid as it picks up Mrk 03.

"Yes. I'm Ok."

"That's good to hear. We're going to need to get some of the survivors to repair most of the damage."

"I know. Marker Unit 03. out." The com shuts down as Cid closes his eyes. He picks up a mirror from the back of the seat. He looks at himself to patch himself up. For a fraction of a second, he sees a slanted A in his left eye.

"Huh? What was that?" The plug then slides out of Mrk 03. The mirror drops and cracks into pieces. The plugs opens, a hand touching Cid's arm.

"You ok?" A girl in a red and black plug suit with blonde hair is holding Cid's right arm.

"Yes. Who are you?" Cid looks down at the broken mirror.

"Saya." She lefts go of Cid's arm and walks off.

Chapter 6: VoiceEdit

Cid opens his eyes, having slept in the plug for sometime. Mrk 00 is next to it, also one of the inactive Mrk Units. He jumps out of the plug, but he lands on a catwalk. He walks to the elevator, and he reachs the surface. He sees the AT-Field is back up. He walks to the apartment complex and thinks about Tri-Edge.

  • Cid: What really is the Tri-Edge? Is it just some tool? Or is it a power beyond human comprehemtion? Why did the Tri-Edge appeared in my eye?

Cid reachs the complex, blue and white, large. He walks up the stairs to his room, and opens to see it's completely dark, with Kate sleeping on some kind of sofa. Cid look at Kate, but turns around to close the door. Kate opens her eyes as she sees Cid.

  • Kate: Oh, it's you.

She stands up and gets near Cid. She looks at Cid like she's tired.

  • Kate: Let me take you to your room.

She grabs Cid's hand and takes him to his room.

  • Kate: I know you already slept, so just stay up, if you want.

She wanders back to the sofa and falls on it. Cid closes the door and sits on the bed.

  • Cid: Tri-Edge...

Kate gets back up. She wanders back to the the room and opens the door.

  • Kate: Thought you could use company.

She falls on the bed and lays there as Cid still thinks about Tri-Edge.

  • Cid: Tri, meaning three, and Edge, meaning the very end of something...

Cid grabs his face as he starts falling asleep. He gets up and grabs Kate. She moves a little to the side, and Cid gets into the bed. He continues thinking of Tri-Edge as his mind drifts off.

  • Cid: So if Tri-Edge means something else than the name implies, it could..."

His eyes close as his mind drifts somewhere else.

Episode 04: The Evolving MachineEdit

"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Episode 4
Daniel Noah (Episode 4)
Episode Number 4
Episode Length ???
Opening Theme Stairs to Time - Tomoyo Mitani
Ending Theme · To Beyond an Era - LieN
· akaneiro ga moeru toki - Scoobie Do (Special Ending version)
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
Episode Name The Evolving Machine
Air Date May 11 2012
Series Evolved Genesis Marker
Previous Episode The Saving Grace
Next Episode Elimination of Golden Death

Chapter 7: These Lights, This CityEdit

Cid opens his eyes as an explosion happens.

  • Cid: This isn't...

Cid is back in his rouge clothing as he runs with an AK-47 straped to him back. Two angels descend from the sky as CId takes off the AK-47 and fires at the angels. One of them fires off a beam, hitting the ground next to Cid. Cid flies to the opposite direction. He is knocked out, but still has his eyes open. The explosion stop as a everyone except for Cid disappear. Cid comes to his senses and gets up. An red aurora covers him as the Tri-Edge surrounds him.

  • Cid: What is this?

A being in the shape of a girl comes from the aurora. Cid can't see clearly as she stop in front of him.

  • ????: You may not have the memory as you are just a beta, but this will be useful to the final.
  • Cid: Who are you? And who's the final?
  • ????: Him.

Cid turns around to see himself, but in a suit.

  • Cid: The hell?! He looks like me!
  • ????: He can't do anything but listen and watch.
  • Cid: Are you an angel?
  • ????: No, I am your familier.
  • Cid: Familier?

The being walks around Cid as she talks.

  • ????: Nevermind. This is the answer the final wants.
  • Cid: What's the question?
  • ????: What is Tri-Edge. Here is your anwser, final. The enscence of--

Explosions are heard again. The aurora starts disappearing.

  • ????: I can't keep this up for much longer. I will block your memory until the right time.

Cid takes out the AK-47.

  • Cid: Not until you tell me what you-

The being throws Cid back, hitting the shoulder of the other Cid. The soldier Cid disappears as the being walks away.

  • Cid: Wait.

The being looks back as the other Cid starts moving.

  • ????: You are truly the one who inherit it if you could move in this place. I gave the beta more free range than you.
  • Cid: So what?
  • ????: You seem to want your answer alot. But you'll have to wait a little longer. But-
  • Cid: Stop with the buts, just give me my answer.
  • ????: Very well. There is corruption in your faction.
  • Cid: I already know.
  • ????: But it's not who you think it is.

Cid rises a brow as the being looks directly at him.

  • Cid: Who is it?
  • ????: I'll just give you a hint. The one who controls.
  • Cid: Thank you.
  • ????: I thought you'd finish that with "For nothing."

Cid walks away as the being does the same. Cid opens his eyes as he awakes. He turns to see Kate lying beside him. He gets up as a ringing sound appears. He goes to the ringing sound where he finds a phone, picking it up as the ringing stops. He puts the phone on his ear as someone talks from it.

  • ???: Cid. We need you to come here. Saya wants you here.

The phone hangs up as Cid walks over to DB-16. He arrives as Saya is there to greet him.

  • Saya: So, you're the person piloting Mrk 03. I'd like to ask why.
  • Cid: So, I came here so I could anwser your question.
  • Saya: Please. Tell me why.

Daniel walks out with a cast on his arm and bandages around him.

  • Daniel: Because Mrk 03 chose him.

Saya shickers a little.

  • Saya: Mrk Units seem to pick mentally stable people as pilots. Did Mrk 03 go through trouble when picking it's pilot?

Cid grabs her neck with his right hand and turns her attenation back to him.

  • Saya: You wish for me to break that-

The Tri-Edge appears again in Cid's left eye. Only Saya sees it.

  • Cid: What were you saying?
  • Saya: Uhh, nevermind.

Cid lets go of her neck and goes to Mrk 03.

  • Saya: Did you see that, Commander?
  • Daniel: See what?
  • Saya: The Tri-Edge suddenly appeared on his eye.
  • Daniel: You must be seeing things.
  • Saya: Yeah. You're right.

Cid enters Mrk 03 as Saya walks to Mrk 00. She enters Mrk 00, the two plugs sliding into the Mrk's backs. Daniel walks into the Main Room, opening a link to both Units.

  • Daniel: Ok. Prepare for testing. Discharging LCL load.

LCL starts flooding Mrk 00's chamber, but no LCL enters Mrk 03's chamber.

  • Saya: Everything is ok here. Preparing timed test.
  • Daniel: Ok. And what about you, Cid?
  • Cid: Tri-Edge...

Cid looks up and closes his eyes. He starts seeing a younger version of himself. He also starts seeing his mother beside the child. She starts carring him in the sky. Cid smiles as he rises his arm to them. The two start walking towards Cid. While this happens, Mrk 03's plug slides out as Daniel is next to it. He opens the plug to find a knocked out Cid.

  • Daniel: Get a medic, now!

Cid still sees the two walking to him. The being from before appears next to Cid.

  • ????: You long for the past?

Cid looks at her, with a robe covering her completely, only her lips showing.

  • Cid: Yes. It's my-
  • ????: Will to live to see this as a future. To see the mother's smile once more. How nice. But the past is something that happened long ago.
  • Cid: I just want to see her again. Why are you here anyway?
  • ????: I came to anwser every question you have.
  • Cid: Then what is Tri-Edge?

The young Cid stops next to Cid.

  • Daila: Citadel, why did you stop?
  • Citadel: This person looks like me!
  • Cid: What?

Cid turns around to see his mother in front of him and the being.

  • Daila: Wow, he does.
  • Cid: Uhh....
  • Daila: Hello, my name is Daila Yakuza. What's your's?

The being talks into Cid's ear.

  • ????: Use Okami Izanami.
  • Cid: I'm Okami Izanami.
  • Daila: Ah. Well, my son's name is Citadel Yakuza.
  • Citadel: Hi, Okami!
  • Cid: Hi.

Daila looks at her watch.

  • Daila: Sorry, I gotta go. Bye. Cid, say bye.
  • Citadel: Bye!

The two walks away until they disappear.

  • Cid: What just happened?
  • ????: Your altering you memories back to their original shape.
  • Cid: What are you saying?
  • ????: I am the keeper of the Stairs of Time.
  • Cid: Stairs of Time?
  • ????: Yes. It's because I'm showing you your past.
  • Cid: Are you saying that I met myself in the past?
  • ????: Because of me. I'm a time paradox.
  • Cid: That doesn't make sense.
  • ????: It doesn't have to make sense.
  • Cid: I've had enough filler, so tell me. What is the Tri-Edge?
  • ????: The Tri-Edge is the essensce of God-Hood. And now you will inherit it.
  • Cid: How?
  • ????: You've already gone through the past and the present.
  • Cid: Now the future is next?
  • ????: Yes. I must go now, Inheritor

The being disappears as Cid walks around, taking all of this in. Meanwhile, Cid has been put in the medical bay, he still being knocked out. Daniel is next to him. Saya walks in.

  • Saya: Is he okay?
  • Daniel: Everything about him is normal, but...
  • Saya: His mental wellbeing is too abnormal?
  • Daniel: No, his body is generating the element as Triedge Mode.

Saya's eyes widen as she walks to the left side of Cid's bed.

  • Daniel: What is it?

Saya opens Cid's left eye. Both Daniel and Saya are shocked at what they see. A black Tri-Edge is engraved into Cid's eye. A person in a cloak with the hood up walks in.

  • ????: So the Inheritor got hurt.
  • Daniel: Caji. Why're you here?

The person takes off the hood.

  • Caji: I thought to visit the Inheritor.

Saya stands up and walks to Caji.

  • Saya: Inheritor? Of what?
  • Caji: Citadel Yakuza, Inheritor of the Essensce of God-Hood. Inheritor of the Tri-Edge.

The alarm sounds with the lights turning red.

  • ???: An angel has been spotted. I repeat, an angel has been spotted.

Chapter 8: Feelings NamidaEdit

  • Daniel: Crap! Saya, is 00 ready?
  • Saya: No, but 03 is.
  • Daniel: Go ahead.

Saya runs out, reaching the docking bay. She enters the plug of Mrk 03, sliding into the unit. Mrk 03 is transfered into the elevator, launching from it towards the sky. Saya sees the angel as it reachs the city.

  • ???: Listen, Saya. Mrk 03 is different from Mrk 00.
  • Saya: I already know it's different-
  • ???: The stablizer isn't there.

Saya's eyes widen as Mrk 03 is still ascending into the sky. The angel sees the unit, rushing to towards it. The angel rams Mrk 03 as it swings the unit to the ground. The angel lands in front of Mrk 03, it slowly reaching it's arm out to Mrk 03's head. Saya opens a link to the main room.

  • Saya: I request backup!
  • ???: We can't at the moment.
  • Saya: Bullshi-

The angel finally grabs Mrk 03's head and throws the unit towards the mountain. The angel rams the unit, the impact breaking it's right arm. The angel grabs the arm and throws the unit into the city. The unit pierces through the AT-Field, and lands on many abandoned buildings. Saya tried to get out, but she's knocked out by the impact of one of the buildings. Meanwhile, Cid awakens, the black Tri-Edge now gone.

  • Daniel: Cid, Saya took your unit.
  • Cid: I guessing an angel.
  • Daniel: Yea. We're going to set up Mrk 00 for you to pilot it.

Cid gets off the bed, disconnecting the medical equipment from his body and runs out of the room.

  • Daniel: Of course. Caji.

Caji comes out of the shadows.

  • Caji: I'm having a good time, thank you. Don't tell him until he realizes what he faces.
  • Daniel: What is that exacly?
  • Caji: Oh, you'll know. See ya, traitor.

Caji walks out, Daniel not shocked that Caji knows about the event in the main room. Cid reachs the docking bay as the engineers see him.

  • Head Engineer: Cid, we're configurating Mrk 00 so you can take Saya's place on the-

Cid ignores him as he runs to the elevator. He manually closes the doors as it launchs to the same hole Mrk 03 launched out. He reachs the surface, with Mrk 00 slowly coming out of the elevator. Cid gets out as he runs to the place Mrk 03 landed. He finds Mrk 03 as he manually ejects the plug once he gets close. He opens it to find Saya knocked out. He pulls her out running to Mrk 00 and puts her inside. He closes the plug as he runs to Mrk 03, entering it. The plug slides in as Mrk 03 gets up, taking out the knife. The angel has gotten to the center of the city, a streak of light from the sky lands on the angel.

  • L??T: You are now mine.

The angel screams as the light litterly eats it.

  • L??T: You are now a pawn. No. You are now my second brother. Gluttony, awaken!

The light disappears as the angel has changed form, with more human features. It rushs that Mrk 03, kicking towards another part of the city. Ten things start coming out of the angel, eating the city's building. Mrk 03 gets up as the angel moves around with the things eatting the buildings. Mrk 03 jumps in the sky, landing atop the angel. It start devouring Mrk 03.

  • Cid: Triedge... Mode!

The scar in the armor starts glowing as a golden aurora covers both Mrk 03 and the angel.

  • Cid: What the!?
  • L??T: NO!

The angel is sent flying away, with Mrk 03 coming out, now covered in light. The unit rushs to the angel while it's in midair, ramming it. The angel crashs to the ground, the unit landing on top of it. Mrk 03 walks back in the view of the angel. It gets up, trying to ram Mrk 03, but the ramming did nothing to Mrk 03. The unit grabs the angel's head with the broken arm, which has healed itself. Mrk 03 then stabs it in the head with the knife, the explosion happening, but it's contained by the golden aurora. Mrk 03's golden look disappears as the scar turns back into just a scar. Saya wakes up as she watchs Mrk 03 climb up the mountain. It stands on the edge as the sunrises.

  • Cid: So, you've woken up.
  • Saya: Yea.

Cid doesn't talk as Mrk 03's head turns to the sun.

Episode 05: Elimination of Golden DeathEdit

"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Episode 5
Saya Izanagi (Episode 5)
Episode Number 5
Episode Length ???
Opening Theme Stairs to Time - Tomoyo Mitani
Ending Theme To Beyond An Era - LieN
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
Episode Name Elimination of Golden Death
Air Date May 25 2012
Series Evolved Genesis Marker
Previous Episode The Evolving Machine
Next Episode Diving Through Termina Dogma

Chapter 9: The Creed of MemoryEdit

Cid awakes as Mrk 03 is slowly descending into the docking bay. He attempts to get out of the plug, but the plug wouldn't slide out.

  • Cid: The hell?

He tries to call the main room, but the com disappears.

  • ????: It's time.

Cid suddenly appears on a platform, looking at the being.

  • Cid: Where are we now?
  • ????: I've decided that you haven't had enough to know where to go from this, so I've decided to show you your past, close to the point and unblocked for all to see.
  • Cid: What are you saying?
  • ????: See the past. Unaltered by your mind.

The surrounding area becomes something else as a school is in front of Cid. He sees a child walking to the school.

  • ????: Since this is directly coming from your mind, they won't see or hear you.

The child stops walking, looking at the sky. He starts crying as two other children walk up to him. They push him and starting kicking him.

  • ???: Awwww, little Citadel wants his mommy. Oh, wait. Heheheheh HAHAHHAHAHAAHA!

Cid's eyes widen as they spit on Citadel and walk into the school. Citadel gets up, ignoring what happened and walking into the school.

  • Cid: What are you showing me?!
  • ????: The past unaltered. That event happened, but you decided to block it from your mind.
  • Cid: Why?
  • ????: I thought I explained this. You're the inheritor of the Tri-Edge. For you to inherit it, you must go through-
  • Cid: No!

The being stops as he yells "no". He looks down as the being looks at him.

  • Cid: I don't want this.
  • ????: Of course, you don't WANT this. You need this.
  • Cid: No, I don't.
  • ????: Well, too bad. I'm only here to give you this because you can change what will happ-

Cid looks up to her.

  • Cid: I don't want part of-
  • ????: Shut up! You're helpless here. You follow me, and me only. You got that?! Now get inside the school, I halted time just for this, you little piece of shit.

The being transports Cid into the school, outside a classroom. Citadel is standing outside the room as two people yell at each other.

  • ???: You're getting Citadel! I've had it with him! He doesn't work, and just yesterday, he pulled the fire alarm!
  • ???: You son of a bitch! You're keeping him, and that's that!
  • ???: Fuck you!

Citadel cries as a group of children walk up to Citadel.

  • ???: Hey, guys. Let's punch this bitchless asshole outside.
  • ???: But it's Saterday! I don't want to be here on Sunday!
  • ???: Yea, me too!

Citadel looks at them bickering as Cid and the being look at it.

  • Cid: Why? Why are people acting like this?
  • ????: Because anyone could punch you without getting in trouble. You never talked during that time, so anyone could vent their anger on you.

Citadel gets up, only to fall back down. One of the teachers comes out to find Citadel.

  • ???: You piece of shit!

The teacher kicks Citadel in the chest. Cid's hand closes tightly and looks at Citadel. The teacher goes away as he kicks the beat up Citadel to the wall. The child cries as Cid walks up to him. A tear comes out of Cid's eye.

  • ????: And this was one of the memories that took a long time to restore.
  • Cid: Why do did to me?

The being's covered head is exposed a little.

  • ????: There is a saying from the past, "The reward of suffering is experience".

Cid looks at the being, as a light surrounds him and her. The surroundings disappear, only leaving Citadel behind. Two other Cid, one with an AK-47 strapped to his back and one covered in shadows. The child stands up and stands next to the two Cids.

  • Citadel: We are what shape your future.
  • Cid: We are what shape your outlook.

The one in the shadows has a glowing Tri-Edge on where his left eye is.

  • A Cid: And we are what shape your fate.

An explosion happens as an Angel attacks the city. Mrk 00 attacks it with SMGs in it's hands as the Angel deflects all shots with the AT-Field. Mrk 00 rushs to it, doing a cartwheel with the Angel being hit by it. Mrk 00 pulls out it's knife, but the Angel stabs through the arm the knife's holding.

  • Saya: Shit!

Saya opens a com link to the Main Room. Daniel is there with other staff members.

  • Saya: Daniel, is the Beam Rifle ready?
  • Daniel: We're setting it up with the battery clip. You need to keep the Angel from reaching the center.

The Angel grabs Mrk 00 by the chest and throws it to the mountain.

  • Saya: That's hard!

Mrk 00 gets up and rushs to the Angel, only for it to push it with the AT-Field. The Cids disappear as images of the fray against Mrk 00 and The Angel.

  • Cid: Isn't this...?
  • ????: I am showing you images of an alternate future where you don't exist. See how it goes.

The Mrk Unit is stabed by the Angel in where the Plug is located.

  • Daniel: Saya!

The Angel gets to the center of the city, committing suicide, the beam cross stabbing through the ground and into the GeoFront. The Cross manages to pierce through all of the Dogma floors to the reactor core, connected to the remains of the MAGI computer. The core explodes and the GeoFront goes with it, including the city and the area as well. Cid looks at the core of the planet showing and releases flame cracks to another hole into the planet. Earth explodes with all surrounding planets being absorbed by it.

  • ????: See the importance of your role in this world?

Cid fall to his knees as parts of the Earth float and get destroyed by hitting other planets that wern't hit by the explosion.

  • ????: This is just an example. This hasn't happened because you existed. Your fate is directly connected to the fate of humanity.

Cid looks at the floor as it's covered in mirrors. He sees the Tri-Edge in his left eye, but it doesn't disappear.

  • ????: But as I said, the reward of suffering is experience. And, by God, you will gain experience.

All alternate realities without him are shown, all ending the same, the Earth exploding, with small changes of people look, personality, Angels, the range of the explosion to other planets. Mrk 03 appears in front of Cid, with a horn coming out of it's head. Cid starts to see all alternate worlds, all ending with the Earth exploding. Cid drops to his knees, his eyes widing as the look into every world ends. The being walks up to Cid as he holds his head. She puts her hand on Cid's shoulder, looking at him. The cloth covering her arm is gone.

  • ????: Are you ok?

Cid gets up, swaying back and forth. Mrk 03 extends it's hand to Cid, picking him up. The plug slides out from it's back as it puts Cid in on the plug.

  • Cid: What now?
  • ????: There will be more. Maybe down the line.
  • Cid: Ok. I forgot to ask. What's your name?
  • Tali: Tali. I believe you'll see me later.
  • Cid: Of course-

The room is suddenly surrounded in black smoke as the lighting turns dark.

  • Tali: What the!?
  • Cid: What's going on!?

A voice appears as the platform Tali's standing on starts to crumble apart.

  • L??T: It is, scratch that, was a nice performance, but like somethings, it must come to an end.
  • Tali: You!
  • L??T: What? I'm just the person that will kill your useless existence, along with this place.

Tali walks back until she reaches the edge of the platform as the other side breaks into bit and bit. Cid looks at Tali as the person doing this comes out of the shadows. A little child, with silver hair and smiling at Tali.

  • L??T: I'm going to love you dying, here and now.
  • Tali: Why attack now!?
  • L??T: So I could take the inheritor.

Cid's eyes widen as Mrk-03's body starts to be engulfed by the shadows.

  • L??T: You're coming with me.
  • Tali: NO!!!

The platform finally is destroyed completely, Tali falling into the darkness. Mrk-03's body has been engulfed by the darkness, with Cid standing on the horn.

  • Cid: You piece of shit!
  • L??T: It'll be fun convincing you to join me.

The horn is covered in darkness, Cid falling to the depths of darkness.

  • L??T: Welcome, Obsession, to the family. Hehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Chapter 10: SpiralEdit

In the Main Room, Daniel is there, sleeping with a cigar in his mouth. Suddenly, the radio wakes him up.

  • TE: Sir. We have an emergency.
  • Daniel: What? An Angel?
  • TE: No, Mrk-03 is going crazy.

Daniel gets up as he hears that. His eyes widen as he picks up the radio.

  • Daniel: Is Cid inside?
  • TE: Yes. Mazu Edge: Cid Yakuza is inside Mrk-03.

Mrk-03's mouth opens as Mrk-00 is sent to "calm" it down.

  • Saya: Cid, can you hear me?!
  • ?i?: Hate....
  • Saya: What was that?
  • C??: Torment....
  • Saya: What are you saying?
  • ??d: DIE!!!

Mrk-03 rushs at Mrk-00, kicking it in the face. The unit picks up Mrk-00 by it's neck and throws it to one of the elevators. Mrk-03 takes out the knife as it gets near Mrk-00. 00 punchs the knife out of Mrk-03's hand and grabs it by the chest. It tackle's Mrk-03 against the elevator, Saya signeling the Main Room.

  • Daniel: Way ahead of you, Saya.

Daniel activates the elevator, launching both Mrk-00 and Mrk-03 into the sky. Mrk-00 grabs 03's head and punchs it repeatedly. Mrk-03 grabs an extra knife and stabs Mrk-00 in the chest, it letting go of 03's head. Both crash into the ground, outside the city. Mrk-00 gets up as Mrk-03 grabs it by the back. Mrk-00 kicks it and grabs Mrk-03 by the head, throwing it to the mountain.

  • Saya: I've had it with this bullshit.
  • ?id: DIE!!!

Mrk-03 preforms a sumersault from the mountain, landing on Mrk-00's chest. 03 pulls out the knife and stabs through 00's chest. 00 grabs 03 by the legs and manages to carry 03 by the legs. The unit throws Mrk 03 into the mountain. Mrk 03 leaps in the air, landing on Mrk 00. Mrk 00 gets out the knife and attempts to stab Mrk 03, but the unit jumps off and kicks Mrk 00 in the chest. Mrk 03 grabs Mrk 00 by the neck, strangling it. Saya is holding her neck as it tightens. Suddenly, two arms grab Mrk 03, ripping it away from 00 and pushing it into the city. Saya recovers as she looks at another Mrk Unit.

  • ???????: Saya, you ok?
  • Saya: So, Mrk 05 chose you, Damaein?
  • Damaein: If you can say chose. More like picked.
  • Saya: I'm not going to explain how chose and picked are the same damn thing right now.
  • Damaein: Why is that?

Mrk 03 slowly gets up, looking at the two units as it roars at them.

  • Damaein: Oh yea. Him.

Mrks 05 and 00 rush at 03, only for it to pull out a pair of SMGs. The two separate as Mrk 03 shoots at them.

  • Damaein: Holy shit! Where and when did he get those?!
  • Saya: They're hidden inside the buildings. From what we can tell, Mrk 03's the only one that has a map to where each one is.
  • Damaein: Well, isn't that fucking convenient!?
  • Saya: And he could of gotten those while we were talking.
  • Damaein: Well, fuck!

Mrk 03 stops firing, dropping the SGMs and rushing to Mrk 05's location.

  • Damaein: Oh shit!

Mrk 03 preforms a summersault on Mrk 05, only to miss it.

  • Damaein: We're not facing a recruit, are we?
  • Saya: He's been piloting for two years. Name is Citadel Yakuza.
  • Damaein: Cid "The Loner" Yakuza?
  • Saya: The Loner?
  • Damaein: Yea. Just wanted to be left alone by everyone except his mother.
  • Saya: Wonder where she is?
  • Damaein: Wonder no more. She stepped off the mortal coil before Third Impact.
  • Saya: Say things properly again, will ya?
  • Damaein: Come on! Let me be-

Mrk 03 gets up and rushs at Mrk 05 again.

  • Damaein: ME!!!!

Mrk 03 rams into 05, piercing through the building with 05 as a protector.

  • Damaein: FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!!

Mrk 03 lifts 05 above it's head and throws it into a building. Mrk 05 slowly gets up, Mrk 03 punchs 05 and pulls out the knife, stabing 05 in the chest. Mrk 03 jumps off, pushing Mrk 05 into another building.

  • Damaein: Ok, that tears it!
  • Saya: Be careful! You haven't been tested for Triedge Mode!
  • Damaein: Testing? Testing don't mean shit! Triedge Mode!

The Triedge appears around Mrk 05 as Mrk 03 turns around and looks at Mrk 05. Mrk 05 runs towards 03, but Mrk 03 generates a AT-Field infront of Mrk 05.

  • Damaein: Ha! I'll rip through this in a second!

Mrk 05 tries to punchs through the AT-Field, but it doesn't penetrate through it. Mrk 03 steps back and jumps through the AT-Field, kicking through the Triedge of Mrk 05. Mrk 05 tries to block with it's right arm, but it is burned off due to the Triedge of Mrk 05 being broken. Mrk 05 is sent flying to the outer area of the city.


A horn breaks through Mrk 03's helmet from it's head. Two spikes come out from the top and bottom. Mrk 03's armor turns gold as it floats up.

  • Saya: This can't be. Not again.

Episode 06: Diving Through Termina DogmaEdit

"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Episode 6
Episode Number 06
Episode Length ???
Opening Theme Stairs of Time - Tomoyo Mitani
Ending Theme To Beyond an Era - LieN
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
Episode Name Diving Through Termina Dogma
Air Date Jun. 11 2012
Series Evolved Genesis Marker
Previous Episode Elimination of Golden Death
Next Episode Enter the Hell of Life

Chapter 11: N+1Edit

Cid slowly opens his eyes, seeing only darkness with few broken spots of light. He starts floating around, seeing Angel cores around.

  • LUST: Enjoy the view, Obsession?

Cid turns around, seeing a child.

  • Cid: Who are you?!
  • LUST: Hahahaha. I'm your master.

An Angel Core floats between the two. LUST disappears after the core pasts.

  • LUST: Well, that was little rude.

Cid turns and sees LUST again.

  • Cid: Master?
  • LUST: You are now mine, Obsession.
  • Cid: Why are you calling me Obsession?
  • LUST: You're now one of my Sins.
  • Cid: Sins?
  • LUST: My army of shifted beings. All of them, I've shown the light.
  • Cid: There's very little light here! Do you expect to trick me?!
  • LUST: Trick? I don't have to. You're already under my control.
  • Cid: What are you talking about?!
  • LUST: Just look.

Cid's eyes widen as he starts seeing through his body's eyes.


Mrk 03's core becomes exposed, with the chest plate breaking apart. A red Halo appears over 03, with the wings going into them. Cid looks at this as he tries to move his arm.

  • LUST: It's useless. There's no going back. Just give up.
  • Cid: Die!

Cid tries to rush at LUST, but he disappears.

  • LUST: You will listen to me, now!

Cid feels a pain in his chest. He grabs his chest, only for the pain to intensify.

  • LUST: Obsession, you will be the only one to destroy the pitiful existence of Humanity. Well, the only one who will cut the path for the Sin army.

Grey chains come out of nowhere, wrapping around Cid's arms and legs. Another chain wraps around his neck.

  • LUST: The soul originally known as Citadel Yakuza shall die! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Mrk 05 gets up as it reactivates Triedge Mode.

  • Damaein: That tears it.... again! Go to...

Mrk 05's armor turns golden, as the ripped off arm regenerates.

  • Daniel: What the!?
  • Saya: What's happening?!

Caji appears atop one of the buildings, looking at Mrk 05.

  • Caji: Another inheritor?!

Mrk 05 jumps up at Mrk 03, grabbing it's head and climbing on top of it. Mrk 05 raises it's leg.

  • Damaein: HELL!!!!!!

The leg quickly goes down on Mrk 03's head. The halo and wings disappear as Mrk 03 and 05 fall down, crashing through the surface and into the Geo-Front.

  • Daniel: Saya, get back here. Damaein may need your help.
  • Saya: Ok. Damaein...

The two start piercing through the Dogma floor, stopping at Termina Dogma. Mrk 05 arises, still in Triedge Mode. Mrk 03 gets up and kicks Mrk 05 in the back. Mrk 05 quickly grabs Mrk 03's leg and tries to break it.

  • Damaein: Get set to get bent, motherfucker!

Obsession starts grabbing his neck in pain.

  • C??: NOT NOW!!!!!

Mrk 03 roars in pain as it grabs it's neck. The Triedge starts surrounding Mrk 03.

  • Damaein: I don't think so!!

Mrk 05 lets go of Mrk 03's leg and punchs through the Triedge around Mrk 03. The Triedge reforms and sends Mrk 05 flying across the Dogma floor.

  • Daniel: This is a state of emergency! Evacuate Dogma floors above and below Termina Dogma!

Personel run from Cestral and Gaspard Dogma as Mrk 03 is still in pain. Obsession's eyes change from gold to silver.


Mrk 05 gets up as Mrk 03 rushs to it and grabs 05 by the head, throwing the unit arcross the Dogma floor. Mrk 00 comes in as Mrk 05 gets up with the help of the wall it's against.

  • Damaein: Nice time to fucking arrive! This thing should be destroy!
  • Saya: Just shut up, Damaein.

Mrk 03 looks at the two, roaring.

  • Daniel: Saya, Damaein, I'm sending the Pulse-Beam Rifle there.
  • Saya: But won't that-
  • Daniel: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. We need to survive, Saya. Hope you can come to respect my decision.

Mrk 03 gets up as a hatch lowers down into Termina Dogma, it having the rifle on it.

  • Damaein: You fire, I'll distract him.
  • Saya: Ok...

Mrk 05 walks to Mrk 03 with it's hands closed.

  • Damaein: Yo, asshole! Look over here!

Mrk 05 starts running to Mrk 03, trying to punch Mrk 03. Mrk 00 grabs the rifle, gets down of it's knees and aims the rifle at Mrk 03.

  • Saya: I'm sorry, Cid...

Mrk 03 grabs Mrk 05's head and throws Mrk 05 towards the wall. Mrk 00 fires, but Mrk 03 dodges, rushing to Mrk 00 and jumping atop of Mrk 00.

  • Saya: Crap!

Mrk 03 raises it's right foot, a spike coming out, and crashs it into Mrk 00's shoulder. The spike breaks off and Mrk 03 leaps off Mrk 00, kicking the unit when it lands. Mrk 00 crashs in the floor, with Mrk 03 taking out the knife. Mrk 05 slowly gets up and tries to rush to Mrk 00, but the unit falls down to the ground.

  • Damaein: Saya!

Mrk 03 slowly walks to Mrk 00, almost stabbing it, but it drops the knife. It grabs it's chest area in pain. Mrk 00 gets up and pins Mrk 03 against the wall.

  • Saya: Cid, listen to me! Why are you doing this?

Obsession looks at the com as Mrk 03 roars in pain.

  • Cid: Get out!!!!!

Obsession's eye widen as his arm starts moving on it's own.

  • C??: NO!!!!

The plug slides out, piercing through the wall and into a personal room. Obsession climbs out as he holds his left arm down. He sees a knife on the floor, picking it up. He tries to stab the arm, but the arm he's holding the knife on is back in Cid's control. The arm stabs Obsession in the chest, revealing a blue small core. The arms grab on to it and pull it out. Obsession's eyes turn back to gold.

  • Cid: I've... had it.

Cid drops the core and tries to crush it with his leg, but he starts to faint, falling to the ground. Daniel, with personnel wielding assault rifles, come through the room.

  • LUST: Do you hear this, high and mighty leader?

Daniel sees the core and picks it up. He looks at it, confused on how it got there.

  • Daniel: Can someone check the camera in this room?
  • LUST: Do you hear me?
  • Daniel: Yes. Who are you?
  • LUST: I know you need knowledge is what your people strive at, but you'll find out who I am soon enough.

Daniel gives the orb to one of the personnel and looks over the unconscious Cid.

  • Daniel: Get a medic!

Saya walks in with Damaein, overlooking the scenery.

  • Damaein: I'd like to ask what the hell happened from the start, please.
  • Daniel: I don't know. We did find a blue orb.
  • Damaein: And this relevant how?
  • Daniel: We don't know let.
  • Damaein: You know what? I'm going to sleep.
  • Saya: Damaein.
  • Damaein: I'm tired, Saya. It's like 4:00 in the fucking morning.

Damaein walks out, with the two looking at him leave.

  • Saya: Should we send him to the medical bay, or...
  • Daniel: I don't think he was fully aware of what was happening.
  • Saya: What are you-

Two people in suits come in though the door.

  • Daniel: Ah. It's the smugglers from that day.
  • Searbeen: What the hell happened? Is the kid dead?
  • Daniel: No. Oh, and here comes the medics.

Three people walk through the door, picking Cid up and carrying him out.

  • Reaper: Damn...
  • Saya: Can you please leave?
  • Searbeen: Ok.
  • Reaper: Ok. Bye.

The two walk out as the two look down.

  • Saya: What did you mean?
  • Daniel: I don't know. I just have this feeling.
  • Saya: Well, bye.

Saya walks out of the room, leaving Daniel alone in the room. He sits down and takes out a cigar.

  • Daniel: Ahhh. The sweet smell of imported Cigars.

He puts it in his mouth, taking out a lighter and lighting it.

Chapter 12: Sin: ObsessionEdit

Cid slowly opens his eyes, seeing a blury light in front of him.

  • Tali: Fate seems to really like you.
  • Cid: You. Why are you here?
  • Tali: I'm here with one of my guards.
  • Caji: Hello, Inheritor.
  • Cid: Who the hell are you?
  • Caji: Caji Shadow, one of the Guardians of the Stairskeeper.

Cid slowly gets up, only to see only Caji.

  • Cid: Where is she?
  • Tali: I can't quite be there right now. Caji will be assisting in my place.
  • Caji: It'll be my pleasure, Stairkeeper.

Cid gets up from the bed, putting on a nearby jacket.

  • Caji: You should be in the bed longer. Your self-inflicted wounds haven't healed yet.
  • Cid: Like I care.

Cid goes to the door, Caji grabbing his shoulder.

  • Caji: You're an important part to Fate. It's our job to keep you from being taken from Fate.
  • Cid: I understand your concern.

Cid shrugs Caji's hand off his shoulder.

  • Cid: I'm able to take care of myself.

Cid leaves the room and heads to the docking bay. He sees Mrk 03 covered in iron armor, with it keeping Mrk 03 from moving. Daniel, on one of the catwalks with Damaein next to Mrk 05, sees Cid in front of the entrance.

  • Daniel: Cid!

Cid walks out to the catwalk area. Damaein whispers something to Daniel.

  • Damaein: Shouldn't we put him on house arrest?
  • Daniel: You forget. The blue ball seems to turn people crazy by contact. And it was in Cid's chest.
  • Damaein: Why didn't you become insane?
  • Daniel: Maybe I already am.
  • Damaein: Ha ha.

Cid reachs them and walks to them.

  • Cid: What happened to Mrk 03?
  • Daniel: We put it on lockdown. We managed to put out the Angel Core in it's chest.
  • Cid: Oh.
  • Damaein: If anyone's busy, I'll be training.

Damaein jumps into Mrk 05's plug, with Daniel closing the plug. It slides in, with a light behind it blinking.

  • Daniel: Ok. Using listing system to give Mrk 05 the first angel as an opponent and...

Daniel rambles to himself.

  • Daniel: Oh. Cid, you can battle Mrk 05.
  • Cid: I thought...
  • Daniel: The system's offline, and Mrk 03's still able to be used for Training.

Cid nods as he walks to the catwalk surrounding Mrk 03. He jumps into the plug, it sliding down into Mrk 03's back.

  • Cid: Ok, ok.
  • Damaein: What? Shit. Well, it beats having to beat the first. Gets tiring.
  • Cid: Ok, ok, ok.
  • COM.: STARTING PROGRAM #616: Demon's Fangs.

The two Mrks are generated to a field, with two black towers with weaponry on them. The Mrks are on opposite ends of the generated map.

  • Damaein: Get set to get bend, Cid!

Mrk 05 runs to one of the towers, grabbing a SMG.

  • Damaein: Ready when you are.

Mrk 03 runs to it's tower, but starts sprinting up the tower.

  • Damaein: The hell?!

Mrk 03 reachs the top, Mrk 05 losing sight of Mrk 03.

  • Damaein: You think that tower's going to protect you? Welcome to die!

Mrk 05 starts shooting at the top of the tower and runs out of ammo. Mrk 03 comes back into sight with a Beam/Pulse Rifle. The unit aims it at Mrk 05, it trying to run away.

  • Damaein: Son of a-

Mrk 03 shoots the ground, causing an earthquake.

  • Damaein: SHIT!!!

Mrk 03 looks down, with Mrk 05 having tripped and fell face down to the ground. Mrk 03 shoots again, hitting Mrk 05 in the back.


The Mrks return to the opposite sides, with the weaponry now in different places. Mrk 05 grabs a magnum from the tower, rushing at Mrk 03. Mrk 03 takes out it's knife, pointing it at Mrk 05. Mrk 05 shoots at Mrk 03, only to miss completely. Mrk 03 rushs at Mrk, stabbing the knife through Mrk 05. Mrk 05 pushs Mrk 03 away, pulling out the knife in it's head and throwing it to the ground. Mrk 05 runs to Mrk 03 and tries to grab it, but Mrk 03 kicks it away to the right. Mrk 05 crashs against one of the towers, grabbing an Arch Pistol. It shoots at Mrk 03, but it rushs towards the other tower.


Mrk 05 walks to the tower, holding the pistol to it. Mrk 03 strafes to the side, holding the Pulse Rifle. The unit shoots at Mrk 05, it falls down to it's knees, Damaein closing his eyes tightly.


The two plug eject, Cid and Damaein jumping out with two engineers waiting for them.

  • Damaein: What do you want?
  • Engineer #1: Your arm.
  • Damaein: What?
  • Engineer #1: It suffered major damage. I'm surprised it was working fine for the most part. Follow me to my office.

The engineer walks away with Damaein following. Cid looks at the second one weirdly.

  • Engineer #2: You're coming with me.

The engineer tries to grab Cid's arm, Cid pulling it back.

  • Cid: Why?
  • Engineer #2: You're a danger to everyone. Now...

The engineer quickly sticks a needle into Cid's neck, Cid droping down, convulsing in pain. Cid tries to speak, but no words were coming out. The engineer picks up Cid, taking him somewhere. Before Cid was knocked out, he noticed a symbol on the engineer's jacket with red words below it in bold.


Episode 07: Enter the Hell of LifeEdit

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Episode 7
Episode Number 07
Episode Length ???
Opening Theme Stairs of Time - Tomoyo Mitani
Ending Theme To Beyond an Era - LieN
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
Episode Name Enter the Hell of Life
Air Date ???
Series Evolved Genesis Marker
Previous Episode Diving Through Termina Dogma
Next Episode An Old Relic

Chapter 13: DeathEdit

Inside the Medical Bay, Damaein is strapped to a chair with the first engineer removing his arm while he's still awake.

  • Engineer #1: Are you sure you want to do this without the-
  • Damaein: I've been taught to never let the pain through. I'm ok.

The man removes the arm with a saw, Damaein in lots of pain, but is not showing it. The man opens a case, revealing a metal arm covered in fake skin. Meanwhile, Cid wakes up, droughy and unable to make out anything he sees.

  • ???: Hello, mister Yakuza.

A distorted voice appears, with a bright light in front of Cid.

  • ???: You have peaked the interest of my assets and partners.
  • Cid: What do you want...?
  • ???: What came out of you. The glowing orb.

Cid realizes he's strapped to a chair, in a dark room.

  • ???: You will be researched on after we fake your death.
  • Cid: What?!
  • ???: And we'll kill you after we are done. Just to make sure we can stay hidden.

Meanwhile, Daniel walks through a dark, secluded room with only one light coming from the other side. Daniel sits down and talks as if someone is there to respond.

  • Daniel: So, the orb we found did come from Cid. It matched that of an Angel, but it was different. The color wasn't the only difference, as more energy flows freely through it. It also had extra DNA on it. It matched that of the angel that changed for no logical reason three days ago. And the more we look in to it, we discover more and more things...

Saya is naked, floating in a cylinder tube filled with LCL and knocked out in front of Daniel.

  • Daniel: Hope you feel better...

Daniel gets up, walking out of the room and leaving behind a file labeled "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY". Saya opens her eye slowly as she sees the file. Meanwhile, Cid is still stuck to the chair, the light now gone. Cid struggles to get the restrains off, but is unsuccessful. Cid tries to lean the chair to the ground, think he could break the chair, but it is bolted to the ground.

  • Cid: Damn it...

A door opens, two men walking in and untieing Cid. A metal is wheeled into the room, Cid being pushed inside. The two close it as they wheel it out. The metal arm is implanted, replacing the broken one. Damaein gets up and tries to leave the room.

  • Engineer #1: No, you can't leave. I haven't-
  • Damaein: Look, we're done here, ok?

Damaein exits, bumping into the metal box and denting it with the arm. Damaein gets back up, having fell down.

  • Damaein: I'm sorry, I didn't-

Damaein sees a hole on the box, seeing Cid inside. The man pushing it punchs Damaein and tries to run. Damaein gets back up and runs to the man. Cid awakes again, seeing the box he's in. He hits the box, hoping someone can notice. The man and the metal box disappear, Damaein going to find Daniel. He runs to the main room, where Daniel is and enters.

  • Daniel: The hell?

Daniel turns around, seeing Damaein. There is no-one else inside the room.

  • Damaein: Someone has Cid. Put the city on lock-down.

Daniel eyes widen as he rushes towards Damaein holds his neck. Damaein is shocked as Daniel holds him in the air by his neck.

  • Daniel: Tell no-one else.
  • Danaein: GUH!

Daniel drops Damaein as he gasps for air. He looks up as Daniel, his eyes shaking juts at the sight of him.

  • Damaein: Why did you do that...?!
  • Daniel: We can't let anyone else know about Cid's kidnapping.
  • Damaein: Why...?!

Daniel turns around and walks towards the control panel, lending against it.

  • Daniel: I'm apart of SEELE, a government that tried to force it's beiefs onto the world five years ago.

Daniel turns his head to look at Damaein, just standing there, confused.

  • Daniel: They must be interested in Cid and that blue orb. It had his DNA inside as well as the transformed angel. Get into the Mrk 05. Say that you're on patrol duty or something. Just try to find Cid.
  • Damaein: Ok...

Damaein turns around and runs out, Daniel siting down and looking outside at the docking bay.

  • Daniel: Goddamn it...

Meanwhile, Cid tries to kick his way out of the box, but to no aval. He sees the hole Damaein made sometime ago. He puts his hand through it, scaring it in the process, but it goes through. He pulls it back inside, puting his foot into it. He slowly, but surely, pushes the wall out, it poping out to the ground. Cid puts his foot out, and gets out of the box. Cid sees the man is now gone, having put the box next to a wall. Cid runs away, as the man with two others come out of a building, seeing Cid run away. They chase him, Cid trying to run as fast as possible for him. Cid realizes he's in an alleyway when he reaches a deadend. The three corner him, one of them quickly rushing towards him adn puting a needle into his neck. He falls to his knees, severly weakened, as two of the men grab his arm and the other gets the box, puting him back inside the man puts the wall back, and bolting it together with the box again. Cid tries to rise his arm, but he's too weak now.

  • Cid: What did they put in me...?

Cid is knocked out, his head hits the wall that was busted open by him.

Back in the docking bay, Damaein gets into the plug, it sliding into Mrk 05's back.

  • Engineer: Are you sure using Mrk 05 is needed for "Patrol Duty"?
  • Damaein: Yes.

Mrk 05 walks towards the elevator, it launching up into the city, sending Mrk 05 flying in the sky. Mrk 05 lands outside the city, it's back towards the city. It turns around, walking towards the city, pulling out a knife from it's right fin. It enters the city, looking around, with the city mostly empty.

  • Damaein: I thought...
  • Engineer: The area you entered hasn't been with civilians yet.
  • Damaein: Oh. Well, thanks for telling me. If they want to leave without anyone knowing, they'd pick this place.

Back to Cid, he awakes, on white stairs, with Tali in front of him.

  • Cid: Tali...
  • Tali: Hello, Cid. You may have completed the first stage, but you have yet to complete the other stages.
  • Cid: Stages...?
  • Tali: You were turned into a Sin, so we added other stages to fight the Sins.
  • Cid: Sins...?
  • Tali: Sin, evolved Angels that are controlled by the Sin, LUST.
  • Cid: You mean the white haired-
  • Tali: Yes. He plans on taking the world. He has the same plan to stop the Angels, but for his own ideals.

Cid stands up, looking around as he sees several stairs near by.

  • Cid: What is this place?
  • Tali: The Stairs of time. Each for one person in this world. When a person does good, a white step is added, and when a person does something with evil intentions, a black step is added.
  • Cid: Is this...?
  • Tali: Your stairs. Every step is white. You have good intentions for the world you call yours.
  • Cid: Where is "LUST"?
  • Tali: He lives in his own Void. The Stairs live in a different void, but his can enter here whenever he wants to enter.
  • Cid: Oh.

Tali turns around and walks to a set of stairs, Cid following her.

  • Tali: These three stair cases are of the people trying to kidnap you.

The three staircases are white in the beginning, but are black for the rest.

  • Cid: Wow...
  • Tali: I want you to make a choice. If you destroy the stairs, you kill the person the stairs are intended for. Because you're just trying to get away, no black step will be added to yours.
  • Cid: You-
  • Tali: Yes. It's a kill or be killed world, Citadel Yakuza. What will you choose, Inheritor?

Chapter 14: TemperanceEdit

Mrk 05 walks around the city, very few people being outside at the moment, seeing Mrk 05 walking through. Damaein focuses on the streets, a single sweat drop falls from his chin. He looks around for Cid, but to avail, only finding nothing. He slams his fist down in anger.

  • Damaein: DAMN IT!

The intercom turns on, Daniel on the other end.

  • Daniel: Did you find him?
  • Damaein: No... I don't know where the FUCK he is!

Daniel remains silent, as Damaein looks at the intercom. Damaein looks down and sighs.

  • Damaein: I'm going to keep looking...
  • Daniel: Ok...