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Evangelion Heavy Class Unit 02 Production Model
Number 02
Created In NewNewNervEuro Nerv 3rd Branch, Germany
Pilot AshleyAshley Matsumoto Itou, the Fourth Child
Soul Christina Summers (Big sister - only who ever seemed to love her)
Design Tortoise
Named After Evangelions
Weapons Pulse Assault Rifle
Pulse cannon
Rod Launchers
Missile pods
Name Meaning Heavy Class
Abilities AT-Field
Berserker Mode
AT-field projection (flight)
First Appearance TBA

Ashley's Eva. Heavy class designed to provide ordnance support in the distance whilst the other Evas confront angels in close combat. It's ability to generate an AT field is transferred to certain weapons it uses, such as the Pulse Cannon, which allows the capability to pierce AT fields to a certain extent.

First eva to utilise the Positron Cannon, rather than unit one


Close-up of Unit 02's head

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