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Evangelion Proto-class Unit 00 (Prototype model)
Number 00
Created In NewNewNerv Nerv HQ, Geofront Base, Japan
Pilot Jun Jun Ugaki
Soul Unknown
Design None
Named After Evangelions
Weapons Progressive blade
Pulse Pistol
Pulse Assault Rifle
Name Meaning Prototype Class
Abilities AT-Field
Berserker Mode
First Appearance TBA

The first Evangelion built by humanity, after many failed attempts. This is a stable working model, however has many issues regarding function, including an unpredictable tendency to go berserk.


Unit 00 later on, equipped with weapon rack "fins" for use in combat.

Issues regarding soulEdit

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Unit 00 has no resident soul, as Jun has no parent, being an artificial body with an angel soul (Adam's calm, contemplation and patience aspects).

When it goes berserk, during the many incidents throughout the series, the Eva always attempts to murder it's pilot, and this raises speculation as to why.

It's possible that this Evangelion was built from the mass of Lilith's legs, and therefore when it goes berserk, the instinct to destroy an opposing seed of life kicks in, in this case Jun. This could be further put forward that this Eva has a partly salvaged soul of Lilith itself, and the Eva is intended to be the trigger for the third impact.

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