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Evangelion Special Class Unit 01 Test Model
Number 01
Created In NewNewNerv Nerv HQ, Geofront Base, Japan
Pilot HisakoX Hisako Iwasaki, the Third Child
Soul Yuka Iwasaki
Design Rhinoceros
Named After Evangelions
Weapons Progressive Knife
Pulse Pistol
Pulse Assault Rifle
Pulse-Beam Rifle
Rod Launchers
Name Meaning Special Class
Abilities AT-Field
Berserk Mode
AT-field projection (flight)
First Appearance NEE Episode 1: Angelic Incursion

The Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon: Evangelion Special Class denomination Unit 01 Test Model Type, though mostly known simply as "Eva SC Unit 01" is the first Evangelion to appear in Neon Exodus Evangelion.

The second test type Eva built, which marked the completion of the Evangelion prototypes and the production of working models. The Eva's remarkable sync rate with the pilot due to the Eva's soul being the pilot's mother, has led to this unit to currently being one of the most successful on the feild - If only the pilot were more mentally stable.

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