"Lest Humanity Be Undone, Let He Who Inherits The Will Of Man Open The Gates Of Heaven"

Evangelion: Alternative (ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:オルタナティブ) is a fanfiction set in an alternate universe with elements from the video game, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker. The story itself follows the events of the Rebuild of Evangelion, following the adventure of an original character taking the place of Shinji Ikari. The story is cut into three arcs: You Are (Not) Alone, You Can (Not) Advance, and You Can (Not) Exist.

The story is set to be released sometime near the end of the year, likely in November.


Seven years have passed since the event known as the Second Impact, which has left humanity on the verge of extinction. Under the threat of the otherworldly beings known as the Angels, humanity's salvation rests upon the hands of the organization known as NERV, led by Gendo Ikari. The hope for mankid rests upon the will of the machines known as the Evangelion, and their pilots.

The story follows Setsuna Ayanami, a teen who now faces the threat of the Angels alongside his fellow pilots, and seeks to create a better hope for human kind. However, soon enough, the mysteries that he never sought after shall begin to unravel, revealing the truth of the world before him.


  • Setsuna Ayanami - A seventeen-year-old boy, also the adopted son of Gendo Ikari and Yui Ayanami, designated as the Third Child. Unlike his counterpart, Shinji Ikari, Setsuna is more idealistic with something o a hero complex, believing that every life is worth saving, even those who truly don't deserve it. Also unlike Shinji, Setsuna pilots the Evangelion because he knows that, if he doesn't, innocent people will be hurt, something he cannot stand. His personality after the events of the Near Third Impact, however, has drastically changed, and has little to no memories of his past. He states that he has only one sole reason for living: to kill Gendo Ikari. He is the pilot of Eva Unit-01, and later on, Eva Unit-13, copiloted by Kaworu.
  • Rei Ayanami - A mysterious girl who bears a resemblance to Setsuna's adoptive mother, Yui, designated as the First Child. She is the first known pilot of the series, and while she originally piloted the Unit-00, she was also given authority over Unit-01, which was meant of Setsuna on the event he would be unable to pilot it. At first, she is confused as to why she and Setsuna share the same name, but they both write it off as mere coincidence. She holds deep respect, almost daughterly love towards Gendo Ikari, and overtime, wishes to protect Setsuna, bearing a sisterly affection towards him. It is later revealed that she is actually a genetic clone of Yui, sharing a piece of her soul. Despite there being numerous clones of Rei, all of them share the same sort of affection with Setsuna that the Rei he met had. She is the pilot of Eva Unit-00, and later on, Eva Unit-09.
  • Asuka Langley Shikinami - A spitfire teenager with an attitude to boot, designated as the Second Child. She is initially cold, harsh, and overly arrogant in her combat abilities, also bearing animosity towards Rei, referring to her as "Teacher's Pet", and calls Setsuna a "naive child". However, she is later revealed to be a tsundere, slowly warming up to Setsuna and Rei, thinking the former to be like the brother she never had. Unfortunately, after being corrupted by an Angel that took over Evangelion Unit-03, Asuka's status was labelled as unknown, being a research subject for SEELE from having close contact with the Angel. 14 years later, she is shown with WILLE, still continuing her role as an Eva pilot, though she, and many others, are shocked to see the change that has occurred in Setsuna, wondering if the person they pulled out of the cockpit really was the boy she had grown to adore. She is the pilot of Eva Unit-02, and later, it's successor.
  • Mari Makinami Illustrious - A mysterious girl working for a possible third party, designated as the Fourth Child. Not much is known about her, other than that she piloted the Evangelion Unit-05 to eliminate the Third Angel, who was locked away in a maximum security research facility known as Acheron. She later appeared piloting the Unit-02, as Asuka was no longer able to pilot it, combating the Twelfth Angel alongside Rei, though the two were ultimately unable to stop it. 14 years later, she is shown working with WILLE to destroy NERV and it's Eva's, though she finds Setsuna's ruthless behavior and mindset to be strangely alluring, calling him a "bad boy", and is often seen flirting with him. She is the pilot of Eva Unit-05, Eva Unit-02 during Zeruel's attack, and later on, Eva Unit-08.
  • Kaworu Nagisa - A mysterious young man with unknown origins, designated as the Fifth Child. Like the Fourth Child, not much is known about him other than his fascination with Setsuna, stating that only he (Setsuna) will find happiness. He is also the only person Setsuna considers a comrade, having little to no memory of his past prior to the Near Third Impact, and as a result, trusts him without fail. It's apparent that Kaworu knows a great deal about human society, and unlike Rei, he wants to experience all of humanity's feelings in their fullest splendor, yet he laments that he was unable to meet Setsuna earlier, as he "shined much brighter back then". In reality, Kaworu is Tabris, the Thirteenth Angel, previously designated as the First Angel, Adam. He is the pilot of Eva Unit-13, alongside Setsuna, and previously Eva Unit-06.
  • Tico - A pair of mysterious individuals sharing the same name. The male appears as gentleman, likening himself to a butler while the female has a cheery and bubbly personality, bearing the disposition of a giddy highschool girl. They run a mysterious website known as "Nicaea", a sight rumored to show the moments of an individual's death as a 30 second clip. Sestuna begins to rely on Nicaea after Asuka's fate at the hands of the Angel-controled Eva Unit-03. It is also apparent that Tico was also made aware of the Angels, referring to them as "Blades of a Divine Order", and Adam as "The Progneitor".


  • Angel - Otherworldly beings who's purpose is seemingly the complete destruction of humanity. Their first appearance is relatively unknown, but their ultimate objective is to reach the Second Angel, Lilith. In total, there are seventeen Angels, the only thirteen have been shown thus far. Tico refers to the Angels as "Blades of a Divine Order".
  • Adam - The first known recorded Angel to appear, also referred to as the Progneitor by Tico. It is a Seed of Life, created by an ancient race meant to cultivate the new existence it would forge into the world. However, the appearance of Lilith, another Seed of Life, forced it to suspend itself. When the Katsuragi Discovery Team found Adam, they had begun to research it and the mysterious mechanics behind it, thus indirectly creating the Second Impact. Adam is also an Administrator, a divine being that controls the world order.
  • Lilith - The second known recorded Angel to appear, also referred to as the Arbiter by Tico. It is a Seed of Life, created by an ancient race meant to cultiave the new existence it would forge into the world. However, it was supposed to forge a new existence on another plane of existence, but found itself in the plane of another Seed of Life known as Adam. As two Seeds of Life cannot be active at the same time, Adam placed it self into suspended animation, allowing Lilth to cultivate a new life, the Lilin: human beings. Though her exact nature is unknown, Tico states that Lilith's existence is necessary to facilitate the birth of a new world.
  • Evangelion - Giant machines imbued with the same genetic properties as humans, full dubbed the Synthetic Humanoid Weapon Evangelion. Overall, they resemble the bodies of humans, but harbor the salvaged souls of humans. Both Kaworu and Tico dub them "Children of Adam", as their design was based on the Progneitor, however Unit-01 was forged through Lilith, thus being the sole "Child of Lilith". There are a vast number of Evangelions, though the Mass Produced Evas are not considered Children of Adam. It is also possible for a human soul to merge with an Eva's core, as was the case with Yui Ayanami.


  • Evangelion Unit-01 - Eva Unit-01 is the most frequently shown, out of all the Evas in the series, piloted by Setsuna Ayanami until the Near Third Impact. It is considered to be the sole "Child of Lilith", thus being labelled as a Test-Type for future Evangelions such as Unit-02. It also houses the soul of Yui Ayanami, thus only Setsuna and Rei are the only ones capable of piloting it. Through out the course of the story, Unit-01 develops a habit of entering a berserk-like state, whether to protect Setsuna, or for other reasons. Berserk Mode, as dubbed by fans of Evangelion, could also be initated through the pilot's emotional state. When Zeruel consumed and merged with Rei, Setsuna wanted to save her, no matter the cost. This action led Unit-01 to achieving an almost god-like state, and also led it to inadverdently initiate the Third Impact. However, due to Kaworu's intervention in Unit-06, the impact as halted, and Unit-01 was left in suspended animation. It would later act as the main power source for the WILLE Battleship. However, it would later be deployed, albeit without authorization or anyone knowing until it was already launched, to rescue Asuka from the Mass Production Evas, where it displayed violent, aggressive behavior, shared with it's pilot. To the sheer horror of WILLE, it had begun to devour the enemy units in order to rebuild it's body, an action that Setsuna performed intentionally.
  • Evangelion Unit-00 - The first known Child of Adam, piloted by Rei Ayanami until her subsequent "death" when Zeruel devoured the Eva, and her with it, thus merging them with it's core. It initially rejected her, due to unknown reasons, and until the battle with the Sixth Angel, it was placed in suspended animation. It would later be made as a basis for Evangelion Unit-09, which would be piloted by a clone of the Ayanami series.
  • Evangelion Unit-02 - Considered to be the first "true" Evangelion, it is the second known Child of Adam, piloted by Asuka Langely Shikinami, and later by Mari Makinami Illustrious during the Tenth Angel's attack. It is subsequently more advanced and powerful than other Evangelions, even possessing a function that would allow it to enter a pseudo berserk-like state called Beast Mode, as demonstrated by Mari. It was heavily damaged by Zeruel, and would be later redesigned and rehauled by WILLE after the Near Third Impact.
  • Evangelion Unit-03 - An Evangelion that was considered to be among the first of the new generation of Evas, designed specifically by the military after several trial and error runs. Asuka was acting as it's test pilot when it was revealed to be infected by the Ninth Angel. The Eva was destroyed, and devoured, by Evangelion Unit-01. Asuka's status afterwards is unknown, being seen as a test subject by SEELE due to close contact with the Angel.
  • Evangelion Unit-04 - An unknown Evangelion that was used to test out a new engine. Unfortunately, an incident occurred, destroying it, and the new engine. However, it was speculated by both Gendo, Fuyutsuki, and Kaji that the incident was not an accident.
  • Evangelion Unit-05 - An Evangelion stationed at the Acheron Research Facility, meant to capture or destroy the Third Angel, should it ever escape. It was piloted by Mari Makinami Illustrious, and had only one known sortee, where it was destroyed in order to destroy the Angel. Unlike Evas Unit-00 to Unit-04, Unit-05 is mechanical, and lacks a lower torso, instead having four "legs" with a motor system.
  • Evangelion Unit-06 - An extremely powerful Evangelion capable of flight and wielding a Spear of Cassius, piloted by Kaworu Nagisa. The exact nature of this Evangelion is unknown, but SEELE considers it to be a true Evangelion, leading both Gendo and Fuyutsuki to believe that they are trying to create real gods, not just false ones. After succeeding in halting the Near Third Impact, it was later made into an independent unit. It was later revealed to house the Twelfth Angel.
  • Evangelion Unit-08 - An Evangelion used by WILLE, piloted by Mari Makinami Illustrious after the events of the Near Third Impact. It utilized standard equipment, but unlike other models, such as the successor to Unit-02 and Unit-06, it is incapable of entering the atmosphere, instead providing support for Asuka while trying to retrieve Unit-01.
  • Evangelion Unit-09 - An advanced Evangelion developed by NERV fourteen years after the events of the Near Third Impact, piloted by one of the Ayanami series. It's design is akin to that of Eva Unit-00, which was piloted by Rei Ayanami, a clone apart of the series. After Unit-08 destroyed it's head, it would later obtain a new skull, and new weaponry. It's color scheme was also changed.
  • Evangelion Unit-13 - A unique Evangelion, unlike any that was seen prior in the series. It is piloted by both Setsuna Ayanami, and Kaworu Nagisa. It was first constructed by SEELE and NERV, though Kaworu later stole it and used a dummy plug to act as the second pilot, in order to bring it to WILLE. As Unit-01 acted as the ship's power source, Setsuna acted as the co-pilot. It is considered to be the strongest Eva in the series so far. It is apparently designed after its predecessor, Evangelion Unit-01.
  • Evangelion Unit-Null - An unknown Evangelion that first appeared during the events of the Second Impact, having gone berserk. It's pilot is unknown, and the Eva itself was designed in total secret. As such, no one, not even SEELE, nor NERV was aware of it's existence. It strangely became silent after it ceased all functions, but then later re-surfaced when Setsuna Ayanami awoke, seemingly attracted to him. Unit-Null, alongside the inactive Unit-01 and Unit-13, act as the main components needed to forge a new, more "complete Evangelion".
  • Evangelion Unit-ALT - A currently unknown Eva, first seen in Setsuna's dreams. It's design is nearly identical to Unit-01, except with more pronounced and defining features. It was shown hovering above a strange structure resembling a Monolith of some sort, accompanied by a strange, black being without shape or form.


  • The protagonist of the story, Setsuna, shares the same name as Setsuna F. Seiei from Mobile Suit Gundam: 00.