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Evangelion: War of the Worlds


Mecha, Science-Fiction, Apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, Drama, Psychological horror

Directed by

The spy1

Written by

The spy1

anyone who wishes to contribute

Based on

The War of the Worlds by HG Wells

Evangelion: War of the Worlds is an alternate universe based on the Evangelion series and the science fiction novel The War of the Worlds written by H.G. Wells. It's storyline was based on the animated film, War of the Worlds: Goliath and the plot bares simarities to that films but follows the timeline of the original book. It begins with the attack on NERV by the JSSDF from the manga adaption of the series but does not involve the NERV command haveing been killed or turned into LCL. The martian designs among other weapons and vehicles were simiply reused designs from Goliath.


NERV is being attacked by the JSSDF when SEELE begins thier plans to begin the Third Impact. Shinji in Unit-01 attempts to defend the disabled Unit-02 with Asuka inside from the Mass-production Evangelions. SHinji is almost crucified when suddenly one of the mass-production Evangelions is vaporized instantly and the other fall. Both side discover that an alien race called Martians begin to invade the earth once again and soon enemies must become allies as Shinji and his friend use the Evangelions, Earths frontline defense to thier lethal alien counterparts.     


All the still living Evangelion characters at that point of time with the addition of Mari from the Rebuild films.

Martians: Aliens from the planet Mars that invaded Earth in the end of the 19th century but were destroyed by Earth's bacteria. NERV encounters the second wave which learned from thier predecessor's mistakes and ultimatly makes them believe that the Evangelions were never meant to fight the Angels