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Evolved Genesis Marker: Material Collection is a manga filled with information of the major characters, and ten sub stories taking place during Third Impact.

Material Collection: InformationEdit

The information section contains all information on every character in Evolved Genesis Marker.

Material Collection: StoriesEdit

The stories section contains ten mini stories or as the manga calls them "Sub Stories".

Story One: The CitadelEdit


Taking place in the city shelter of The Santion, lead by the Twilight Brigade. Angels appears in the outrims of the city, attacking as soldiers of the Twilight Brigade try to destory the Angels with Rocket Launchers and Tanks. Suddenly, a abandoned Eva is found in the city. Someone goes and pilots it, making the Angels fled.

Story Two: The HybridEdit

Story Three: The RebirthEdit

Story Four: The ProgenatorEdit

Story Five: The VoiceEdit

Story Six: The StrayEdit

Story Seven: The Stairs of TimeEdit

Story Eight: The AbandonedEdit

Story Nine: The Fruit of EvolutionEdit

Story Ten: The InheritorEdit