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The 20th Angel. Due to the way its body refracts light, it can only be seen through the eyes of Evangelion Units and telescopes.
Number 20
Name meaning Angel of Astronomy
Abilities Flight

Flawed Invisibility


EMP Emission

Appearances ???
Defeated by ???
Forfax is the 20th Angel. It appeared after the Fourth Impact and after the death of Humatiel.

Appearance Edit

Forfax looks heavily similar to a Pratt & Whitney F100 turbo fan engine, but with two pairs of four metallic wings that appear to be attached to the front and the back of the angel. These wings resemble the wings of birds, but they do not flap like true wings. Instead, they remain motionless as they help generate EMP blasts and keep the angel in the air. Designs similar to various constellations line the body of the angel. The angel's core is located inside the low pressure shaft, and the shaft is large enough to fit at least three Evangelion Units inside and still have room to spare. To get to the core, the Evangelion unit has to enter through the back end, but this is risky due to the high heat and high-speed winds. If the Core is destroyed, the Angel makes a sound similar to this, slowly fall to earth, and explode with the force of half a kiloton of TNT upon impact with the ground.

Abilities Edit

As with most Angels, Forfax can fly. Its hide refracts light of all kinds in such a way that it effectively becomes invisible. This special type of invisibility doesn't keep it from being seen through certain methods. Sensory equipment can detect its presence and form, but can't see it. The only ways the angel can be physically seen is through the eyes of humans piloting Evangelion Units and through the lenses of low-tech inventions such as telescopes and binoculars. If it is too high in the sky or too far away to do anything to Evangelion Units on the ground or in the distance, it manipulates the air near its targets to subdue said targets. This manifests large hands to grapple targets and heads to essentially chew up their targets. The faces of manifested heads look suspiciously similar to the likeness of Rei Ayanami. If close enough to its targets, arcs of electricity will branch across all eight of its wings. Once all eight are emitting electricity, the angel emits a large electromagnetic pulse that affects everything within a one mile radius for about thirty seconds. Evangelion Units affected by the blast will abruptly freeze in place and are prone to falling over like a bunch of startled goats.