"But it's mine! No-one else is allowed to have it!"
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Forget-Me-Not Mirage
Full Name Unknown
Born In Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown (appears 15 physically)
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Race Human
Relations Unknown
Aliases "White Ghost"
First Appearance Forget Me Not, Chapter 1

Hansha (反射, litt. Reflexion) is the name of a mysterious young girl whom Shinji Ikari encounters in the fanfiction "Forget Me Not". She keeps appearing before Shinji in strange dreams and vision, while he is inside of Evangelion Unit 01, much to the frustration of both Shinji as well as those closest to him. Hansha herself refuses to answer Shinji every time he questions her appearing close to him, only giving her name to him after a week of conversing with him, and often tries to get a rise out of Shinji for no apparent reason.

Appearance Edit

Hansha's appearance is rather unique as she is an albino. She has long, extremely pale hair with slightly messy bangs