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The 19th Angel. Its nigh flat body allows it to pass right through solid objects if given the right conditions.
Number 19
Name meaning Angel of Logic
Abilities Flight

Fluid movement through solids (Condition-dependent)

High-energy Beam


Total invisibility


Electricity absorption

Appearances ???
Defeated by ???
Humatiel is the Nineteenth Angel. It appeared a few days after the Fourth Impact, presumably to restart it.

Appearance Edit

Every part of Humatiel's body appears to be completely two-dimensional, but this is due to their thickness, with each part of its body being a mere picometre thick. It consists mostly of colossal square-like parts that frequently change both color and position. If one of said parts is damaged, it is placed much farther back to heal, and a more intact part takes its previous position. It does not have a core, but it does have an S² Engine. Said engine is marked by a tiny red dot and bustles about the Angel's body like an over-sized bee, making the Angel difficult to kill. It has the ability to reconfigure itself into various patterns, and studies show that there are exactly one trillion potential configuration patterns. The only sounds it makes are similar to low droning sounds. Said sounds are infrasound, so it cannot be heard by humans. If the engine is destroyed, all of its parts will crack and shatter like glass before turning into dust in the wind.

Abilities Edit

As with most Angels, Humatiel can fly. However, Humatiel can move from one position to the next without being spotted by technology or the human eye. It does this by vibrating its atoms so much that it effectively becomes invisible to the human eye and various wavelengths of light. Its locomotion will not be detected with any filters or electronic equipment. During this process, its A.T. Field is momentarily deactivated in order to avoid detection. If it gets desperate, the Angel will increase its bodily temperature up to a few degrees under Absolute Hot. This causes everything within a few feet of the angel to literally turn to vapor, including Evangelion units. It only keeps its body temperature up like this for only a few nanoseconds, as any more time could potentially destroy the Angel. The formation as seen in the picture allows it to have a dual purpose. In its state, it absorbs various forms of electricity in the area, including static electricity. It then converts stored electricity into plasma and fires it as a beam capable of blasting a hole through the Geofront as if it was made of wet tissue paper. If the temperature is a few degrees below zero, it becomes capable of literally moving through solids like a ghost. This is due to the rapid vibration of its atoms to both keep itself warm and help it with movement, regardless if there are any obstacles in its path or not. This also helps it in the case of its A.T. Field collapsing.