Kawori Nagisa
Art by Momomiya Mion
Full Name Nagisa Kawori
Date of Birth September 13, 2000
Date of Death 2015?
Age 15
Hair White
Eyes Red
Race Japanese?
Relations Lilith (Salvaged Soul)

Unknown Donor (Genetic Source)

Piloted Units Unit-02
Aliases Eve
Rank Fifth Child
Appearances TBA

Kawori Nagisa is the alternate universe counterpart of Kaworu Nagisa in Earth-63. And the 17th Angel, known as Eve, since it's believed that if she fused with Evangelion Unit-01 Instrumentality will commence.


Nagisa is a play on the word "shisha" which means "Messanger" and the Japanese name for the Angels. Kawori is simply the feminine form of Kaworu which means "fragrance".

However, her angel name is drastically different from the canon Tabris. Eve in the Bible was Adam's replacement wife after Lilith was exiled from Eden. The name also translates to "source of life" further connecting her to Lilith.

Biblically Eve was also blamed for dooming mankind by eating the Fruit of Forbidden Knowledge, much like how Kawori's rebellion of SEELE accidentally did way more harm than good.


Kawori is a beautiful young girl with long pale skin, white hair and red eyes; likely caused by albinism. She is seen pretty much exclusively in her school uniform even after the school is destroyed, causing people to think she's rather strange.

Role and PersonalityEdit

Kawori is essentially a Yamato Nadeshiko, although unlike Rei Ayanami while still reserved her emotions are still in tact.


Shinko IkariEdit