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Kei in her Plug Suit.
Full Name Namikaze Kei (波風 圭)
Born In Japan
Date of Birth 04/17/2001
Date of Death N/A
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Race Asian
Piloted Units Eva SC Unit 04
First Appearance NEE Episode 1: Angelic Incursion (Mentioned Only)

TBA (Actual)

Kei Namikaze is one of the protagonists of Neon Exodus Evangelion who is introduced later in the series. She's shy and insecure, but at the same time a little over-eager to prove herself at times, as much as that sounds like a contradiction.


Early LifeEdit

Kei's had a difficult upbringing. Following the death of her mother in a purported lab accident, her father became progressively more depressed, finally turning to alcohol. He steadily became more abusive towards her, and more obsessed with praising her older brother, something neither of them appreciated. As a result her father took a relatively distant role in her life, and she was raised mostly by her brother.

While the death of her father in a car accident when she was seven brought a respite from all this; the uncle they moved in with wasn't any more level-headed. However, while he wasn't an abusive alcoholic, he was a PTSD suffering former soldier.

School life and SelectionEdit

Kei was never exactly an under-achiever at school; she's a reasonably bright girl, but by no means a genius either, with a few slightly above average grades as her only achievement. She also had difficulty making friends, mostly on account of her being the quiet and insecure shy girl who was always sat just a bit out of everyone else's way. That said, the way her father had treated her left her more than a little bit desperate to succeed, as if to prove him wrong from beyond the grave.

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