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"I said back off Unit-65! This is my kill! "
―Mary Langley Sonomura
Mary Langley Sonomura
園村 メアリー·ラングレー
Full Name Mary Langley Sonomura
Born In Chicago, Illinois
Date of Birth September 13, 1998
Age 4 (//The Day of the Second Impact\\
17 (Evangelion ~Another Revelation~)
19 (Evangelion ~Another Revelation: The After Years~)
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Race Japanese-American
Relations Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Unknown Older Sister
Unknown Younger Brother
Piloted Units Neo-Evangelion Unit-02
Rank Captain in The American Air-Force
Master Evangelion Pilot
First Appearance Episode 5: The Master Pilots
Final Appearance Episode 25: The Final Battle which will be told till the end of time
Appearances Evangelion ~Another Revelation~ //The Day of the Second Impact\\
Evangelion ~Another Revelation~
Evangelion ~Another Revelation: The After Years~

Mary Sonomura Langley is the main female protagonist of Evangelion ~Another Revelation~ she is the pilot of Neo-Evanglelion Unit-02.


Early LifeEdit

Mary is the daughter of a famous scientist of Gehirn and a former actress, at the age of three she was sent to the vaults when the Grand Cross occurred and when she and the other survivors emerged her mother was nowhere to be found and was presumed dead, as she continued through her life she became an Air Cadet and because of her intelligence she was made captain of an Air Force Squad at age 14.

Events of Evangelion ~Another Revelation~Edit

Her life as an Evagelion pilot began when she was 7 years old, she has also trained with the pilots of Neo-Evangelion Units 55 and 65.

At age 15 she is called to Tokyo-3 along with the pilot of Neo-Evangelion Unit-65, as the sixth angel attacked the them at sea she however was backed up by Unit-65 and this caused both her and it's pilot Patrick James Lowell to get into a verbal match during the fight which caused both of them to almost be defeated.

Events of Evangelion ~Another Revelation: The After Years~Edit

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Mary has a proud personality which causes her to often clash with the other pilots, espically with Unit-65's pilot Patrick James Lowell, She is first shown as hot-headed and very proud of herself. She later warms up more to Kenji and the others though.


  • Kenji Katsuragi: Both Mary and Kenji often clash due to their similar personaities (both being hot-headed and loud), thus they often get into fights when fighting angels, as the story progresses Mary starts to develop feelings for Kenji and tries to win his heart.
  • Minato Shirogane: Minato and Mary's relationship isn't a friendly one, Mary often calls Minato 'fatso' and forces him to carry her stuff and to do useless tasks for her, she finally stops annoying Minato after Patrick slaps her.
  • Patrick James Lowell: Both Mary and Patrick have a fierce rivalry with Mary often trying to outdo Patrick in combat and just about everything else, as the series progresses Mary confessed to Misato that she wants to be respected by her fellow Master Pilot and only wants to get his attention.
  • Cheryl Belnades: Mary and Cheryl often get into fights about little things, Mary sees Cheryl as a rival for Patrick's respect but as the story progresses she forgets about her attraction towards her fellow master pilot and instead goes for Kenji, giving Mary and Cheryl a small friendship
  • Family:



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