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Marker Unit 00

Mk Eva 00-Finalised

Mrk-00 (Recolor)

Number 00
Created In in the remains of Tokyo-3
Pilot 25px Saya Izanagi
Soul Unknown
Design Human with one eye
Named After Evangelions
Weapons Progressive Knife Mrk
Arch Pistol
Arch Assault Rifles X2
Sniper Rifle X1
Pulse-Bombardment Cannon
Pulse-Beam Rifle
Name Meaning Tracker Unit
Abilities AT-Field
Prototype Triedge Mode
Berserker Mode
First Appearance The Rising Archangel
Mrk Unit 00 (Marker Unit 00) is one of the eleven units found in Termina Dogma in Evolved Genesis Marker. It is piloted by Saya Izanagi. It appears in Episode 3.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Mrk 00 is unknown in origin and history, but only that it was the first one to test the Triedge System. The unit is also the first to test the Sync Rate Feed, a system that analyses a person near the unit and chooses the pilot with the highest Sync Rate.


  • Progressive Knife Mrk
  • Arch Pistol
  • Arch Assault Rifles
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Pulse-Bombardment Cannon
  • Pulse-Beam Rifle







  • Mrk-00 changes color from Red and Black to shades of Purple.
    • The color change happens later on in EGM, when the unit becomes inactive.


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