"Let He Who Inherits It, Become A God" -Genesis Slogan

Neo Genesis Evangelion is a fictional series, acting as a direct sequel to Neon Genesis: Evangelion and to the movie-adaption films Rebuild of Evangelion. It is set in a world recreated after the events of the Rebuild movie series, involving new Evangelion machines called Neo-Eva's, new pilots, and a new storyline.


The world had changed after the Fifth Impact, an event that reshaped the world. There are no Angels. There is no NERV. It was as if everything had been wiped clean. Humanity had returned, its seas azure blue, and the cities' vibrant and jubulant life echoed out. Those involved in the events that tranpsired lead ordinary lives now. It was as if all was right with the world...

...Until the new Invaders came.


Shinji AyanamiEdit

One of the main characters of the story, and leader of the organization GENESIS. He has been noted to look like an older version of Shinji Ikari, aged only 17 years, but unlike Ikari, he bears a more positive, and militaristic view of life. He is also aware of the dangers his pilots face, and tells them that they are free to resume their normal lives any time they wish. It's implied that Shinji Ayanami is Shinji Ikari, who's presence has all but vanished in the new world. Despite being GENESIS' commander, he is also an Evangelion pilot, controlling Neo-Eva Mark-00b.

Kamui HitoriEdit

One of the main protagonists of the story, and pilot of Neo-Eva Mark-01. Like Shinji, he was abandoned by his father, but was seemingly unaffected by the events. He lived with his grandparents, and led a normal life until the Demons appeared. As stated by Commander Ayanami, Kamui is an irregularity, being the only pilot to have a 100% synch ratio with his Neo-Eva. At school, he is the President of the Jersey Club, a club at present with him as the captain, and Asuka Langley Sohryu as it's sole member.. Kamui is well-known for helping around Campus, known as the "Perfect Student" due to his friendly nature. Kamui bears an optimistic outlook on life, and strongly wishes to protect his friends and loved ones, even if it means fighting the Demons. It is because of this determination that he is able to pilot a Neo-Eva. He is designated as the First Child.

Rei IkariEdit

One of the main protagonists of the story, and pilot of Neo-Eva Mark-03. In the original world, Rei was the genetic clone of Yui Ikari, Shinji Ikari's mother and the wife of NERV Commander Gendo Ikari. There are a multiple number of Rei's, but each is unique, and has a different personality. In the new world, she has apparently taken Shinji Ikari's place, being the sole daughter of Yui and Gendo, and has lived a normal life until she was scouted by GENESIS. Upon learning of the existence of the Demons, she became driven to protecting everyone she knew and cared about, accepting the responability of protecting humankind and becoming an Eva pilot. Similar to Rei II's relationship with Gendo Ikari, she has a good relationship with Shinji Ayanami. She is designed as the Third Child.

Asuka Langley SohryuEdit

One of the mian protagonists of the story, and pilot of Neo-Eva Mark-02. In the original world, she was known as Asuka Langley Shikinami, the Second Child and pilot of Unit-02. Even in the new world, she retains her spitfire temper, and is Rei's cousin from Yui's side of the family. She led a normal life up until the Demons appeared. Afterwards, she was scouted by GENESIS, at first shocked to it's similarity to NERV in the previous world, as well as the appearance of Shinji Ayanami, but chooses to become a Neo-Eva pilot to protect her friends. Asuka appears to have suspicions that Shinji Ayanami and Shinji Ikari are one of the same. She is also a member of the Jersey Club alongside Kamui. Like the previous world, she is designated as the Second Child.

Mari Makinami IllustriousEdit

A major character in the story, and pilot of Neo-Eva Mark-04. In the original world, she worked with WILLE, and prior to that, an unknown third party with connections to Kaji. She has a mischievous attitude and has a habit of flirting with boys around her age, and smell of Artificial LCL. She has apparently been working for GENESIS since prior to the story, though she did not become an Neo-Eva pilot until after Kamui became a pilot. She and Commander Ayanami are on good terms, though she hints that he is "still running away from something". Like the previous world, she is designated as the Fourth Child.

Misato KatsuragiEdit

One of the main characters of the story, and Vice-Commander of GENESIS alongside Shinji Ayanami. In the events prior to the Fifth Impact, she was the leader of WILLE, an organization opposed against NERV, seeking to destroy it and it's Evas, but fourteen years before, she was apart of NERV, acting as Shinji Ikari's legal guardian. Misato was, at first, against Commander Ayanami, thinking he was no better than Gendo until he told Kamui that he had the chocie of returning to his old life, and forgetting that GENESIS ever existed, nor the offer to become a Neo-Eva pilot. Since then, she has learned to trust him, even inviting him over to a few parties at her house. He always cringes upon recalling said parties, mentioning to Kamui that he should, under no circumstance, allow Misato to drink so much alcohol, otherwise he'll be wishing he had a hangover.

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