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Tabgha Base (Giant of Light) (Rebuild)
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The 6th angel. It's metallic wings allow a form of sustained AT field projection, allowing it to fly at high altitudes.
Abilities Flight
Electrical Manipulation (including absorbing electricity and causing short circuits)
Appearances TBA
Defeated by TBA

Photonarus - The angel of melancholia

An airborne metallic butterfly resemblant angel with a central humanoid body. Taps into electrical sources and causes a blackout in Tokyo III before attacking the city. As a result, the Evas to umbilical cables become obsolete

Leeches onto the Evas to drain their battery reserves and short circuiting them, whilst spearing them into paralisation with it's spear-like appendages. It can use it's metallic wings as shields in the event of it's AT field collapsing.


It's body and face is in fact inspired by the Rebuild of Evangelion Sahaquiel. It's humanoid body coming out and spearing unit 01 is possibly one of the coolest things I've seen in anime --NecrusIV-(Talk) 05:14, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

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