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Suí-Feng Zetian
Full Name Suí-Feng Zetian
Born In Beijing, China
Date of Birth N/A
Date of Death 2006
Age 35
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Race Human
Relations Wu Ikari (daughter)
Rank CEO
Suí-Feng (or Soifon) was the mother of Wu Zetian as well as the CEO of a company that traded oil with the Middle East. After her daughter was born she quit her job and started working for NERV so she could research the EVAs.


Suí-Feng is a very tall and slim woman with long red hair and blue eyes which is highly unusual for a Chinese. She was often clad in an open, gray business-suit with a white shirt underneath, high heels and a light blue bag for makeup, a brush and her wallet.

At one point Wu says that she remembers her mother wearing an apron and reindeer-horns one Christmas where she had brought her current boyfriend home to celebrate the Christmas.